Sunday, May 31, 2009

the girlfriend experience

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i am moving, and i really should be sleeping and not messing around in SL. but i am compelled to do it anyhow.

i visited perriwinkle waves' club...a naughty one. but oh so fun. when i clapped eyes on this dress that was the first locale that came to mind, to accessorize. i visited both her places....this one is so beautiful, and the other one, is too. it amazes me how someone's build becomes so like them. while visiting the new place, she arrived. and we had a lovely and funny conversation about various objects. she has sharp eyes, but i should have known that already. she saw a face in the train of the gown....sent me a picture to show me. amazingly it looked like a theater mask. perhaps a portent? :)

i never wear white hair like this. but i tried black and red, and they both looked terrible. it sort of seemed more kabuki-ish to wear white hair...both the hair and the bone headpiece are from gauze. i haven't ever found anything to wear with that headdress, and so it was a happy acccident.

there was no way in hell i was going to say all those names correctly. and so i found this intriguing dark ambient song....

miss chrysanthemum juana wears:

moroi dress by eshi otawara
corvinus gunmetal hair and dragon's embrace headdress by gauze
kiseru and geta by sweetaholic.
geisha pinch fish skin by trap
skull nose piercing by avz

at perri's cool place, listening to a dark ambient song called chatak.

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