Saturday, July 31, 2010

Eshishoegasm (kinda not safe for work)

I fervently love Eshi Otawara's clothes, even tho I've never met her in person.  She is one the deities in my revered personal SL fashion trinity (the other divine pair being Cutea Benelli and Alpha Auer). Her new releases lately have just made me squeal with delight.  Which brings me to the subject of this installment--I was going to pretend to have a screaming shoegasm in her store, (and indeed she said via IM it would be alright) but you know I can't do that sort of thing without laughing.  Enter the immensely talented Miss Lillian Shippe, who so graciously provided a genuine sample on request (a rather impertinent request I suppose) and even remixed it!  I must thank her again and express my deep gratitude for such a beautiful gesture and her beautiful voice.

On a related note, why the hell are sex animations in SL so stupid? I mean, poor Juana is a virgin and all, and I've literally never had a reason to use them (just imagine me trying to explain that I needed it to pretend to have a shoegasm in a store) but I swear I was so annoyed with how idiotic it made Juana look that I really wanted to tie that stupid prim genitalia to a prim brick and throw it through an *unnamed* prim plate glass window.

100% Genuine Orgasm performed and mixed by Miss Lillian Shippe, Vocal Orgasm Model.

Juana wears:

Aria Pompadour gown, hat, gloves, and facial tattoo
Mayan Dream tattoo by Garden of Ku (tinted)
Bloody BoneHead Bracelets by ReTox
Thigh High boots by J's
Abbadon torc by Tekeli'li
RUI306 Hair by Boon
Xcite genitalia
Bone queen skin by Cutea Benelli
Visions of Death eyes by Rotten Toe

Special thanks to Miss Lillian Shippe and Eshi Otawara