Sunday, August 30, 2009

the great tyrant

i have been obsessing lately over the character of the great tyrant/black queen of sogo, in barbarella, played (but not voiced) by the wonderfully evil anita pallenberg. i can't help it, she has the most fabulous clothes (and looks so oddly like an avatar) in that film.

so when i saw this hair by alpha and paradox, worn in a joint post by achariya and mourna, i thought it so very reminiscent of the black queen, that i knew i must buy it at once. fast forward a bit.....while messing around in my inventory i somehow managed to put something together from various things that i'd seen in posts i loved, which incidentally i wore last night at TriNala's last show.

the plastik strappybodysuit i'd seen and loved, but had no idea what to wear it with. in one of those happy coincidences, i was standing trying on all the things marked "skirt" in my inventory, and the cellular skirt from avz bizarrely seemed to match almost perfectly. add to this the magic circle sigils (though i suppose more accurately they go over the chakras), which are not new, but i encountered on another shopping expedition....and voila. fear my diana ross fury minions!!!!

the great tyrant of sogo juana wears:

C10 hair by paradox and alpha
shiva (creator) skin by gauze
strappybodysuit obsidian by plastik
cellular skirt by avz
boots by j's
magic circles set (woahglo) by dark eden
machina eyes (unknown)
red hair rose by g field

using ikaru's preset, in pteron sim

Thursday, August 27, 2009

bona lolita drag

i <3 drag queens. i mean, really. i respect and admire them tons, and cherish the fond thought that if i had been born male, with my same personality, then i'd actually try to be a drag queen.
that being said...

...i'd been shopping and stopped by one of my fave places, nightshade designs. they had the Charmant/Charmante set, a girl and a boy outfit. being the perverse person i am i thought to put girl juana in the boy outfit and boy juana in the girl dress. besides which, the girl's outfit is lolita, and who is the most uber lolita of them all? mana of i just ended up getting sidetracked with leandro in drag, so juana's debut in man drag will have to be in another post. :)

charmante juana wears:

charmante set raven by nightshade designs
trophy hat by i <3 thirteen
opheliac skin & necromantic bloomers
by violent seduction
alice hair by deviant kitties
lollo estremista ballet heels by grim bros
sugar skulls & roses tattoos by otaku designs
loud brown eyes by artilleri

charmant leandro wears:

charmante set raven by nightshade designs
scorpio revelation skin by
lower lip spike punk by PopFuzz
buddy glasses by Gudshu glasses
trophy hat by i <3 thirteen
necromantic bloomers by violent seduction
alice hair by deviant kitties
sugar skulls & roses tattoos by otaku designs
gothico boots by grim bros
loud brown eyes by artilleri

Sunday, August 23, 2009

hanging around.

while exploring the other day I bumped into a friend. It's always cool when you and your friends share the same interests. Or at least tolerate them enough to humor you occasionally.

I've posted elsewhere about my friend Rev, who IMHO is one of the rare people whose RL appearance surpasses his avatar. But this doesn't mean his avatar is any less striking. On the contrary, he looks always really interesting. somewhat magnetic, i'd say.

i did enjoy the visit, and i would have offered him some tea, as is only hospitable, but my neck was broken i'm afraid.

on rev eponym:
Hair: .::MADesigns Hair::. ~ ANDY ~ Silver Tones
Artilleri 'Buddy Glasses'
Redgrave Black V-Neck sweater
Nightshade 'Obscurities' black pants
Blitzed 'Brutal' cuffs

on juana:
devil dress by queenqueen
rosenkavalier hat by rozoregalia
yanzi wave hair by drl
clockwork skin by nomine
carpe noctem boots and apneatic embrace stockings by nightshade designs
magnolia bracelet and necklace set by loulou
fascinator hat by raven pennyfeather/nonna hedges

Friday, August 21, 2009

happy moody bunny

i love second life. its so freaking peculiar. like where else can you sit on a representation of a squishy mammary gland?(may be NSFW) and have splendidly dressed women ask you seriously why you are in the art?

i went to wait on a friend in the amusingly named "happy mood" sim.....there are bunnies there. gigantic happy ones. i couldn't resist. as far as my ensemble goes, i am still in the throes of a queen queen sue me. :)

happy mood purple juana wears:

dark dress by queenqueen
magnolia bracelets and necklace by loulou
hyasynth shoes by shiny things
yanzi wave hair by DrL
glam chin stripe skin by nomine
kunstkammer sugar skull necklace and roma style earrings (also malice set by tekeli'li)
antie eyes loud purple by artilleri

at happy mood sim, an anonymous rice paddy, and the grande odalisque statue at black swan.....

Monday, August 17, 2009

teddy bears have nightmares, too.

i have always wondered if wicked teddy bears dream....apparently they do, in a sort of funky movieish kind of way.

i'd been to troy vogel's cool rezday party, at odaesan my beloved (and on sale i think) eshi otawara monarch dress and mrs. schmidt liquid boots.

rigor mortis juana wears:

monarch dress in taupe by eshi otawara
yanzi wave hair by drl
rise of lolita opheliac skin by violent seduction
skull nosepiercing by avz
mrs schmidt liquid boots by mrs schmidt
803 ~ Autopsy Table with Anims by mercy cazalet
tedi wears loco pocos avatar.

somewhere in odaesan house
listening to "glasgow smile" by InnocentzRaptor

Sunday, August 16, 2009

on the slab

my infatuation with queenqueen rages on, unabated. i just can't help it, they are so lovely, and detailed, and just crazy. and they have a sort of goth thing going, though its not what you'd normally classify as "goth" necessarily.

like this ensemble, called very simply "blood dress." its not exactly gothy per se--except for the blood spatters, and when you cam in closer you realize the pattern on the dress is like was hard to figure out where to go to take a picture for this outfit. first i went to a rice paddy (leeches) then i found a funny morgue store, and jumped in a "body filing cabinet."

i have gotten up on a real morgue autopsy table at a museum once, but that's another story. :)

Originally uploaded by al-zahra
cold cuts juana wears:

blood dress by queenqueen
gawth tears skin by nomine
splash hair by c hair
liah boots crimson by jaywalk
blood beads set by spica
red hair rose by gfield
skull nose piercing by avz

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


one of my favorite things about second life is that you never know who or what you will encounter in your daily travels/ this case i arrived somewhere with a specific purpose in mind, to make fun of someone, and ended up feeling too awed and moved to do anything but stare and wonder.

The sim owner and builder, MASAKADO Allen, was incredibly kind and gracious. Even though translation programs can be awkward at best, she was so patient and taught me a few japanese words. i regret not knowing japanese, i would have liked to have been able to extend her the same courtesy. it was so amazing to me to think of us both chatting nicely, the two of us, though our countries had once been bitter enemies.

i think the most moving part came near the end. she had explained to me that the Akagi was sunk during the battle of Midway, (***correction: Yamato was sunk, but much later. Many thanks to Grady Echegaray who kindly pointed this out to me, along with the correct spelling of Akagi***) and i asked her if both ships still remained on the ocean floor. She told me that they sleep in the ocean.

i hope they and the bodies of the men that they still entomb, slumber peacefully.

pseudo-cher juana wears:

corvus dress, WL goth skin by nomine
abbadon bracers by tekeli'li
big bomb hair by bp
u-sha fantasie necklace by husky gfx
hathor goddess diadem by eyecandy
paradisis armlets by cat-i-mimi
neck corset by RU
fallen disgrace boots by nightshade designs

listening to audio from the
movie "Midway" (1976)
At Masakado Allen's sim
YAMATO of Japan

rest in peace
Yamato and Akegi

Saturday, August 8, 2009

queenqueen makes me brokebroke.....

...not to mention eshi otawara's post mortem sale, which makes me crazy. i will probably be reduced to begging in the virtual streets for lindens.

the bandage mermaid dress totally blew me away yesterday. and so i had to investigate this new-to-me store, and when i arrived there i totally and utterly fell in love. and i found a few cool and interesting facts-- QueenQueen is apparently a RL brand designed by a RL designer, Koji Toyoda. And they had a cool youtube channel too.

this dress has face bandages that go with it too. i'm impatient and my avatar is difficult to fit, so i just dispensed with the scarf and lower face mask....the armlets too were giving me issues.

while shopping at eshi otawara's store, i spied these interesting shoes, and so had to have them.....

brokeback juana wears:
dark bandage dress by queenqueen
usa hair black, hair flowers, and armwarmers by gauze
neck corset by ru
glam skins vice versa deux pale by lessthanthree
pointed bridge boot by schmidt
creepy eyes by negriposi

Friday, August 7, 2009

bandage mermaid

there are times when we must work with what fate and fortune have given us. a strange convulsion of luck while looking for something else, and finding the perfect outfit priceless.

in this case i was wandering the channel island asylum, which is a really creepy place btw, all haunted sounding and with strange quirks, and it made me think of juana going off to bulgaria for cheap plastic surgery and ending up committed in the mental ward for "exhaustion."

and while looking for a suitable costume, found the most amazing outfit, from a new to me designer, queenqueen. it is literally a mermaid outfit composed of bloody bandages...and despite the fact that a mermaid floating in the halls of a mental institution might be odd, i did it anyway.

crazy juana wears:

bandage white mermaid 2 by queen queen
wild woman hair by mia
dollhouse skin 14 by lionskins
cigarette by primitive design
neko geta by dirty lynx
mermaid ao by kami-hitoe

at the channel island asylum
listening to end titles by atrium carceri

Sunday, August 2, 2009


dancien had a benefit at his club. it was totally goth, and many interesting people attended.

i also enjoyed a dance with the lovely mourna biziou. she was very kind and during the course of the party i was quite happy to win the little tophat bearing her name.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

doomed love (mexigoth mismash)

  so, i have been quite insane for the past few days, working on an article for a sl fashion magazine. i could totally get into the OCD but i won't. needless to say in the course of obsessing, i have decided i love this outfit.

a friend of mine told me that "it looked gothic but not gothic, that it looked just like me, and that i was able to carry myself over into the avatar" (a paraphrase). i thought this was a compliment, and so that is why i am recording it here.

the uber-juana mexi-goth doomed outfit consists of:

cenobite outfit by falln
alice hair by deviant kitties
cruelty skin by cutea benelli (part of cruelty set)
nose piercing by avz
los muertos sugar skull attachments by i love 13
cenobite's claws by tekeli'li
mayan dream tattoos tinted red by garden of ku
black widow boots by nighshade designs
creepy eyes white by negriposi
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