Monday, December 28, 2009

Ciudad de Mexico

i've not been to Mexico, DF.  it is one of my dreams to visit, someday.  it seems so interesting--apart from the sheer intensity of such a crowded place, there is the unusual geographic situation, and also the weight of history. the residents there are supposed to even have a special character, and have a charming (and from what I read, perhaps derogatory in some contexts) nickname (Chilango).  btw, as a completely off-topic aside, i keep up with a particularly hilarious blog called "effective swearing in d.f." which should help me a great deal should i ever get to visit the real Mexico, D.F.

so i thought it very interesting then when i was looking at Liqueur Felix's flickr stream (always the most gorgeous amazing finds and pictures of different places to visit btw) and saw this image of the ciudad de mexico sim, which is apparently a roleplaying sim run by brasilians. upon visiting it in person, i found it really quite lovely, though the observer tag is distinctly hideous to wear (it looks like a fishbowl over your avatar's head).  when i was walking there parts of the city reminded me vaguely of nexus prime in 07, and a little of hangar liquides before it moved to insilico. there are three levels to the city, with interesting and mostly empty buildings to look at, but take care. while i was doing my research and exploring the sim, i happened to touch a transport button and it teleported me into an arena on the upper level, into what i think was a beauty pageant that was in progress while i was there.  sadly there is no photographic evidence of this caper, as i was so completely flustered i ran across the room and jumped off the building. ah well next time.  and now you know this amusing little anecdote.

i was really at a loss what to wear--however there are shops when you first teleport in, and i found a really unusual outfit from rfyre, called providence. of course i pared it down a little to suit my purposes. its really quite striking on its own, but i liked very much how it seemed to combine so well with the deconstructed trenchcoat from nomine. i had also found the amazing mirror hair from paradox and alpha, along with their interesting facial piercings in my earlier travels.  as it is this outfit turned out to be a collection of new things and my favorite standbys, as you might recognize the rest of what juana is wearing from other posts.   

juana the wannabe cyber chilango wears:

providence house of rfyre
deconstructed trenchcoat by nomine
aztec sample bracelets and armlets by otaku designs (group gift)
bone queen bonus skin cutea benelli
mirror c14 hair and P_Stras piercings by Paradox & Alpha
ving boots by shiny things
mayan dream tattoos by garden of kuu (tinted red)
cybermacahuitl by cortech enterprises

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


i am very very fond of horses, i am lucky that my parents have them and i get to go ride occasionally. i must say that with my overactive fashion mania that i have never really liked most of the riding habits out there, and always wanted to devise a kind of private personal riding habit according to my tastes. women's riding habits and equestriennes are rather charmingly called "amazona" in spanish, and so of course i would want to call my version of a riding habit (and an equestrienne styled avatar) a "glamazona."

i have always wanted to learn to ride aside, and so in my mind the glamazona prototype would definitely have a skirt. i love spanish-style habits, and the magnificent Yuki-Hime ensemble from The Black Canary has that kind of severe yet graceful flavor, though it is more properly described as a sort of neo-victorian-kimono mashup. it is a very distinctive and ladylike outfit, which i totally fell in love with as soon as i saw it.  and the sleeves would look gorgeous hanging down from the horse.  the Yuki hime outfit is part of a hunt though, check the Black Canary store for details. i chose a spanish-style hat to go with it, and of course if i was riding through the wastelands i would want to take a katana to use against snakes and other such hazards.  perhaps this is purely fancy on my part but this area is strongly reminiscent of deep south texas (near the border), and i half expect to see a coyote or two.

and this is why i was listening to narcocorridos while writing up this post. i must say that the horse is nice though a bit complicated.  i have yet to find a horse maker in second life who makes peruvian pasos, which are the horses that i ride.  someday perhaps. this particular horse is from AKK Horses, and it is interesting. i have always wanted to have an arabian, so why not. it is however a trifle expensive.  it is my very first second life horse. i am so pleased i don't have to clean his feet.

juana la glamazona tejana wears:

Yuki hime by the Black Canary (winter hunt gift)
Andalusian hat by Daini Ken
Miriel Granny boots by Siyu Suen
Cortech Katana by Beezle Warburton
Bone Collector collar by Nomine
Yanzi wave hair by DrLife
Raine cream Dolly tears red by popfuzz
Heavens Tear eyes by Tohru

Arabian Horse by AKK Horses (Kristivon Kolache)

at las animas, ashvasta
listening to contrabando y traicion cover by
maldito bajo