Sunday, May 9, 2010

this is what it sounds like.....when gothloli robots cry.

i have to start this post with a shout out to marisol koencamp of the blog some strangeness in the proportion. i saw her fabulous last post featuring the chrome goddess skins by Terra Cioc and started drooling uncontrollably despite my somewhat semi-serious aversion to gynoids.  then i invited my two friends Dimitri Rizooto and Circe Timtam, and guess what happened.............

it just goes to show what terrible role models fashion bloggers can be, no? :D

juana manuel as the gothloli doll wears:

duck shoot mustache by katatonik
triquetra posture collar by lolapop!
aura top hat
and chiroptera bloomers by violent seduction
black dancer vinyl gloves
and replicant eyes by rotten toe
poe corset and panties by nightshade designs
broken crinoline skirt by weird designs
enigma bracelets by loulou&co
ailith hair grafite by wasabi pills
j's thigh high boots
chrome goddess v02 skin by terra cioc

Special thanks to Brad Murphy for permission
to use his cover of "When Doves Cry"

vibrator sound effect from

Circe Timtam as the Girl wears:

Skin - Nomine Sylvan Ultralight-glam goblin
Hair - ZF-Tickles Hair-Frost Marshmallow
Eyes - Slick-Blink Rumpleteazer-New Growth
Ears & Tail - Urban Dare Neko Ears w/rings and
Urban Dare Neko Straight Tail- Long/Slim w/dagger
Piercings - Slick-Triple Erl and
Slick-Triple Lip Piercing w/Triple Round Dangles
Tattoos - Aitui Cherry Blossoms (red) undie & bra layer
Bra - Artilleri Deanna Bra *cherry black*
Sweater - Pixel Mode Twist Sweater-Black
Skirt - Blow-Up MiniSkirt Zipped-WhiteTartan
Panties - Blow Up-Black Panties Low
Pearls - Shiny Things-Knotted Bead Strand
in Mother of Pearl
Boots - Pixel Mode-Viv Boots-Jet w/Silver
Stockings - Sheer Torn Fishnets in black

Dimitry Rizooto as the Boy wears:

Skin - Daniel Peach 04 - LAQ,
Hair - Caught - Shag,
Pants - Deconstructed Blue - Nomine
Wife Beater - Plain White Tank - Mechanism ,
Shirt - Sinnerman Smoker - Nomine,
Sunglasses - Recon - Role Optic,
Tattoo - Viva La Zapata by garden of Ku

Special Thanks to Dimitry for the use
of his house and also
his excellent poseball wrangling