Thursday, September 24, 2009

vampyr circus acrobat

it has been a while since i have posted. there are times when the wheel of fortune spins out of control, up and down and all around in a dizzying manner....and so it has seemed the past few days.

i'd had a spectacular binge at rotten toe, which is fast becoming one of my favorite stores.  the whole guro loli thing i think is beginning to grow on me.  i also went crazy over the magnificent skin there.  today i wore the black dancer dress.  it has wonderful variations, and this is just one way to wear it.  i was wandering around as always and stumbled on a kind of vampire opera house. but with a just seemed so very fitting.

vampyr circus acrobat juana wears:

Black dancer set & Clownish f1 skin by Rotten Toe
lollo estremista shoes &
full frontal spike choker by Grim Brothers
enigma bracelet  by loulou&co
natsumi by diversity hairskull nose piercing by AVZ
Sugar Skulls & Roses tattoo by Otaku Designs
Ghoul fest eyes &
Silver Nail brooch by Tacky Star

at asunder sim
listening to
la vie d'un poisson dans l'eau by
Circus Marcus

Sunday, September 13, 2009


This Universal wheel, this merry-go-round
In our imagination we have found
The sun a flame, in the Cosmic lantern bound
We are mere ghosts, revolving, the flame surround.
(by omar khayyam, translated by shahriar shahriari)

when i am feeling sad and out of sorts, and am home-bound, i often find comfort and solace wandering the landscapes of this dreamworld. And more often than not i stumble on a place that either heightens my mood, or perhaps softens it a bit.

another one of my vices is the irresponsible reading of poetry. :) when in a mood such as this i like to read khayyam because even if it is bleak it is beautiful, and sometimes we need a whiff of corruption in this hyperreal perfect dreamworld. Amusingly enough apparently sometimes people use these poems to tell fortunes--you simply open the book to a random passage and wherever your finger falls will fortell your future supposedly. Unfortunately I don't have Wordpress because there is a random rubaiyat generator you can install.

An old potter at his wheel
Clay and dirt mould and deal
My inner eye would reveal
My father’s dust bears his seal.
(by omar khayyam, translated by shahriar shahriari)
Hmm. not sure what to make of that for today's fortune. :)

the pixel clay juana wears:

antie eyes silent brown by artilleri
hiding in trees sunrise set and monochrome shirt by i love 13
hair rose and ankle straps by gfield
dia de los muertos earrings by violet voltaire
magnolia bracelets and necklace by loulou&co
mary janes by violent seduction
stockings by rotten toe
ratty armwarmers and glam chinstripe skin by nomine
nobara hair by ay.line

at the miasnow store
listening to:
oud play by asoliman

Thursday, September 3, 2009

...will be the death of me...

in sl, as in rl, i have a terrible love of boots and shoes. maybe it's not an addiction of say, imelda marcos magnitude. (that poor woman, will we be joking about her hundreds of years from now) It is somewhat pronounced though, this shoe mania that afflicts me.

and so i have decided to confess my unholy love of all things boot and shoes....while wearing an impossibly cute and tough pair that i found at an interesting shop that i like. and i am very lazy, wearing a dress i bought last friday for 50 linden at katatonik.

bored and boot mania juana (like barbie parody, no?) wears:

dark pink s & s dress by katatonik
cyberpunk combat boots by self expressions
necromantic bloomers and opheliac skin by violent seduction
skulls and roses tattoo by otaku designs
trophy hat and necklace (the name eludes me) by i <3 thirteen
alice hair by deviant kitties
antie loud brown eyes by artilleri
bloodybones bracelets by retox