Sunday, May 31, 2009

the girlfriend experience

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i am moving, and i really should be sleeping and not messing around in SL. but i am compelled to do it anyhow.

i visited perriwinkle waves' club...a naughty one. but oh so fun. when i clapped eyes on this dress that was the first locale that came to mind, to accessorize. i visited both her places....this one is so beautiful, and the other one, is too. it amazes me how someone's build becomes so like them. while visiting the new place, she arrived. and we had a lovely and funny conversation about various objects. she has sharp eyes, but i should have known that already. she saw a face in the train of the gown....sent me a picture to show me. amazingly it looked like a theater mask. perhaps a portent? :)

i never wear white hair like this. but i tried black and red, and they both looked terrible. it sort of seemed more kabuki-ish to wear white hair...both the hair and the bone headpiece are from gauze. i haven't ever found anything to wear with that headdress, and so it was a happy acccident.

there was no way in hell i was going to say all those names correctly. and so i found this intriguing dark ambient song....

miss chrysanthemum juana wears:

moroi dress by eshi otawara
corvinus gunmetal hair and dragon's embrace headdress by gauze
kiseru and geta by sweetaholic.
geisha pinch fish skin by trap
skull nose piercing by avz

at perri's cool place, listening to a dark ambient song called chatak.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

la vida galante

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moving is hateful. and so i haven't been quite my usual self. it is at times like these that i wish i could just have nothing, live simply, and travel in a wonderfully appointed vardo.

with this in mind i went searching high and low in second life looking for a vardo to call my own. but the one i ended up taking home was free, by tooter claxton, with the most wildly hilarious poses, and amazingly funny textures.

as i spun through i was reminded of the colonias, the shantytowns on the border, where people live in school buses and shacks without running water or any sort of convenience.

and of course, being me, i was reminded of the boystown whores in nuevo laredo.....

laredo rose juana wears:

dahlia skin 8 by miasnow
infected shirt by rotten toe
bachelorette skirt by blue blood
dark betrothal stockings by rfyre
carpe noctem boots by nightshade designs
kunstkammer skull necklace and earrings (i saw it on achariya's blog!!! ^^)
schadenfreude coffin ring
gloves and hair rose by gfield
eyes human 21 by primitive design
relia hair by gauze

in a free hobo vardo by tooter claxton
listening to "laredo rose"
performed by the mario escovedo experience

Sunday, May 24, 2009

i am going to have tedi's love child.....

omg. i went to one of those stupid maternity clinics in second life, because i had never seen one before. i was dying with laughter. of all the things in the world to want to replicate here, especially since it doesn't hurt and there is no risk of stretch marks or unsightly varicose veins....

the look on the avatar's face on teh exam table animation was insanely funny. especially since this is supposed to be a "serious" place, but the animations in the exam table were so not serious at all. in fact they were such that i totally wondered how these prim babies were getting made.

and i am sorry but omg the sight of my poor little avatar in stirrups was just way too much for me to handle with a straight face.

on the bright side, i think it did show off these new boots fairly nicely, i mean, if the "doctor" was like paying attention or something.

you know the whole thing is wretched and undignified. in real life it's horrifying, in second life it's just plain retarded. why in the world do they make women get in that freaking position? it's the most uncomfortable thing ever.

and i was also miffed, in this second life clinic they didn't even bother to put posters on the ceiling, so you have something to stare at while being poked and prodded.

this place comes equipped with all manner of things. there is a lamaze room......i can't understand why in the hell somebody would want to pretend to have lamaze classes. and what is the deal with the freaking doughnuts?????

by the way i just have to note that all the cutesy pictures are so intensely stupid. like they are bad in the real hospital, but this one in second life is like a third world hospital or something.....

the labor animations are even funnier. there was a water birthing room, with stupid facial expressions for screaming woman, clueless partner, and vaguely interested in a salacious way doctor/doula/midwife. the same thing was to be had in the regular delivery room.

one thing that totally struck me, is no matter if its real life or not, this whole business is so undignified, so very much like whelping puppies or something.

and the animations have unbelievably stupid and lame facial expressions. it's sort of like the sex ones, utterly ridiculous and completely bogus.

the most amusing part by far was in the waiting area. next to one of those stupid baby pictures was a condom machine. and it even dispenses them too, though i didn't bother to get one.

i wonder if avatar stds are preventable? and how in the world do you put one on the SL detachable penii?

but really, what is the freaking point of having prim babies? i mean, i have never seen one, though i have met a child avatar once, and i just don't get that particular translation of a distinctly messy, animalistic, gross, secretion laden, disgusting but necessary process into second life.

unwed tedi momma juana wears:

fatal rose boots and hair bows by self expressions
dogwitch bra, corset, fishnet gloves and tops, vamp red ultralight by nomine
raven death skirt by needful things
leather pants by digit darkes
aural black hair by gauze
coffee skull bangles and jolly roger arm bracelt by grim bros
skull nose piercing by avz
wild rose necklace by gfield
calavera no llora tattoo by i forgot

at the tender care maternity clinic.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

dulce et decorum est... patria mori. so they say. and as we celebrate our 6th wartime memorial day, i will take the liberty of travelling through time, so to speak, because blogs let you do that.

i visited the second life vietnam memorial actually in the middle of april. which is why i think the cherry trees are all in bloom.

i have never been to the real memorial. i went to arlington national cemetery, and tried to find it, but got hung up on the WW2 memorial and so got sidetracked and never made it to the smooth black wound in the green park, inscribed with the names of the fallen.

it must suck, maybe be a cold comfort, in heaven, to be part of a war that is now turned into a cliche'd metaphor--such and such war is the next vietnam, etc. and i hope that in real life, the cherry trees' blossoms flutter over the cold stone monument in the spring...........

GI juana wears:

divine right set the black canary
xishi drl hair
sleeps with butterflies set attachments by gauze
crossed out clown skin from carnival of doom
carpe noctem boots by nightshade designs
misa set by sugar
oshun collar midnight by dark eden
dreams by red queen
forbidden 14 by lionskins

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

omega music box dancer

carthalis is sort of a bad influence on me i think. he travels to the most interesting places, and his flickr photostream is like a travelogue, but of the most interesting, picturesque, and fairly dark and magical kind.

so following in his footsteps i went to the omega point sim. i don't quite get the backstory but it appears to be a kind of dark horror semi fantasy maybe futuristic kind of place, with cyber touches. it's amazingly beautiful too.
there are many little nooks and crannies there--decadent and sinister places hinting at dark rituals and bloodsucking creatures.

Originally uploaded by al-zahra
some spots seem just unabashedly off. like the dance floor, which has a glowing green dance pole with a skull on top, among other things. and floating gogo dancer boxes. i didn't hear music but it amused me to float around upside down, in the admittedly beautiful ballroom area.

i found a strange cage, in a lovely pavillion facing the sea. it was set up with cushions for spectators. i was curious so jumped inside, thinking it was for dancing. but no. it was full of gorean type poses, so i guess this is some sort of local naughty hangout place. it seems too beautiful to be anything really all that bad.

music box dancer juana wears:
dahlia skin 8 and candy heart tattoo by miasnow
infected black satin shirt by rotten toe
skull nose piercing by avz
tutu from murder ballet set by snatch
crimson betrothal stockings by rfyre
chichi collar by cutea benelli
coffin ring by schadenfreude
thigh high boots black by j's
dia de los muertos earrings by violet voltaire
relia hair by gauze
gamine girl stockings by unknown
hair rose wine by gfield

at the omega point sim

Sunday, May 17, 2009

crime scene tourist

maybe i am the only person in the world to like to visit famous crime/death scenes? probably not but as i thumb through my copy of hollywood babylon (with a lovely picture of jayne mansfield's dead chihuahua)i am curious what amusing recreations there might be in second life.

i haven't ever been to new york so i thought to go to the chelsea hotel sim. it's atmospheric, and interesting though there was a party downstairs when i visited and it's annoying to have people "HOOO"-ing when you are attempting to be properly worshipful.

thank god for wikipedia. i had no idea there were so many other people there, and so many other famous expirations that took place there.....

juana ferocious wears:
sugar skull skin by nomine (a gift from munch)
Aural black hair & Akemi posture collar by Gauze
Rain set by Blue Blood
Wired Bracers by CT
Arrmlets from Skinny Puppy mask by M&F
Spotted Tattoo by artilleri
Hair rose wine by G Field
Black Widow boots by Nightshade Designs
Skull ear spikes by Mad About
Mana pose 3 by The Black Canary

at the Chelsea Hotel sim.
listening to belsen was a gas performed by sid vicious, live

Friday, May 15, 2009

to live and to die....again

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i went to visit bakersfield kidd's pictures. i thought it most appropriate to go half naked, adorned in his splendid tattoos.

i am glad i went, though i was alone, and it was deserted. i didn't wear anything new, only in one of my cihuateotl outfits.

it felt right to be clothed in them, surrounded by his things.

lucifer gave me a title this last week which suprised me, but i was honored by it too. and so this i think i would choose to accessorize with this title, mictlancacihuatl....the lady of the land of the dead.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

winter's party

it was fun, though there were some technical difficulties that caused our poor host to be a little stressed, though he was the picture of graciousness and fun too.

it was held in the king tut sim, which i have visited before. it was meant to be a historical ball, and so there were various people in different garb.
unfortunately achariya left early, she looked really extraordinary as a modern day oscar wilde, quite the dandy. she danced very gracefully with momo, who was dressed in an outfit reminiscent of silks, and a natural sort of flax-ish color.

munch looked really amazing too. she was totally cast against type, as marilyn monroe and in white too. i would not have recognized her at first.

there was a contest. dove won in her funny rendition of ben franklin, and malkavyn won as a spartan. i was dressed like charlotte corday, and i was very surprised because i did get runner up and so i was given a gift card to a store. so all in all a good time..........
as a postscript, i was looking for pictures of the real charlotte corday, when i came across an extremely funny picture by Hitomi Mokusei from Second Life. so naturally i had to go to this place....(there's even a flickr group too)
charlotte corday is wearing:

18c Redingote by le grenier du chateau
hair rose wine by gfield
sacrificial knife by ronin stormwind
snow bunny skin by katatonik
captain hook hair by siyu suen
mme de renal shoes by cutea benelli

at Bettina Tizzy's Old Chakryn Forest, in AM Radio's Marat replica

Friday, May 8, 2009

plague doctor

a retrovirus retropost. :)

the swine flu is coming to kill us all, you know. i was wandering the wastelands, a place that i haven't explored much, but where i feel a bit at home, because it reminds me so much of the ranch. this latest pandemic originated in mexico, and so its effects are being felt on the border.

it's also much on my mind, since i remember the stories my grandfather told of the last great influenza, of 1917, of the burning bodies of the dead, and his little sister who died.

with these cheerful thoughts, i'd just gone and bought the aztec outfit from nomine and was fiddling around, and started to think plague doctor.....i forgot i had this extraordinary skinny puppy mask, a replica of one worn by ogre in real life. i had removed the ears because they were sticking out of the hat. it was so interesting to me how it seemed to go together. the blood seemed so fitting too--my earliest memories of the ranch are of butchering animals, of torn flesh dripping blood, and hacked up body parts lying around the kitchen in a scene of casual carnage.

i chose the hat too because it carries tarot cards in the brim. this one has the devil card, which generally means materiality, being bound or trapped, and also more or less temptation and things having to do with the body.

as i wandered the wastes in this get up, i was mentally transported to the sands of the desert, the bleakness and relentless sun in the deep blue sky of the ranch.

there one must go with a head covering and longsleeves, pants, and boots in summer, to protect against the horrid sun and heat, which sometimes touches 11oF, and also the rattlesnakes, ants, killer bees, and other nasty critters that can kill you. i particularly was reminded by the bones on the coat, of the bleached bones of the unfortunates who die crossing, and whose bodies are quickly devoured by animals till there is nothing left but shiny white bones. this has happened occasionally, the most famous example being the poor nearsighted priest, who was riding to a mission in the late 18th century, who became lost, and died of exposure. his bleached bones were found in his tattered cassock. because the desert is funny like that--the flesh is eaten but the clothes stay preserved.

influenza juana wears:

skinny puppy mask by M&F masks
Aztec outfit and Rabid skin by Nomine
Gothic Cowboy hat by Ken Daini
Standard boots by Urban Dare
Brown jeans by Canimal

wandering the wastelands, and in falcon, at least in spirit......................................

hazmat club girl at the meat market

i am very fond of dance music, and the clubs in second life have good music but they also look so cool. and even if there are annoying people it's nicer than feigning interest when a drunk person screams idiotic pickup lines in your ear, flavored with their beer breath.
i went to kitu lounge, which was amusing because they had dance platforms that move up and down with the music. if that was for real i would totally be vomiting and fall off too. but in second life it is no big deal, and you can even look as odd as you want to.......

because I sort of can't take it seriously dressed like a frat boy meat market kind of club....

the juana the club girl wears:

dedalo set by blue blood
black widow boots by nightshade designs
forbidden 19 skin by lionskins
amaya kimono arm belts and posture collar by gauze
riddle multi by magika (guilty for wearing it but oh well)
skull bracers by ct
finga gloves by snatch

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the fifth sun

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mesoamerican myths say that the world has lived through 5 epochs, or suns. we are currently in the fifth sun. the previous suns ended in horrible calamities, and the people who inhabited those older suns were imperfect. in this sun, quetzacoatl mixed up bones of the ancients with his blood and with corn, to create humans. but there needed to be a god to sacrifice to create the new sun.

the gods assembled, but nobody really wanted to do it. one brash young and handsome god, Tecciztecatl, could not summon the courage to throw himself into the flames.

one of the gods offered himself for the sacrifice-nanauatl, an old, ugly, emaciated old man. as he burned he rose in the sky and became the sun.

tecciztecatl was ashamed and jumped in the fire next, and he became the moon, shining but paler.

this was what i was thinking as i shopped at grim bros and seeing a floating fire, could not resist. because after all, according to the mayan calendar, this fifth sun is set to end in 2012....who will sacrifice themselves to create the sixth sun?

nenetlxochil wears:

c+c kadath hair
burnt bones skin and hearst dress by nomine
bloody rawbones bracelets by retox
dia de los muertos shoes and archaic skull choker by grim bros
to live and to die tattoos by bakersfield kidd
skull ear spike by mad about
skull nose ring avz
hair and tail feathers by i sort of forgot at the moment.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

achariya's birthday party

Originally uploaded by al-zahra
it is not every day that a party like this happens. i'd also never really been to a full on japanese themed party, at least not with fashion folk. i was really beside myself with what to wear. i nearly wore my meiji schoolgirl outfit, but at the last minute decided to wear my gothic oiran outfit instead.

the garden itself is quite lovely. we appeared to be dancing on water. i knew very few people there, though everyone was quite kind to me.

achariya wore a sweetaholic wa-loli, with what looked like sinistyle boots and bp hair. her obi was a spotted leopard skin.

momo did the honors as dj, and she wore a nonko kimono, i think the cage one i believe. it is a long black furisode with white images of a young girl. she was wearing a really distinctive hairstyle with it as well, without the bow.

diana wore i think a latex kimono by ookami ningen. i just missed munchflower, who looked so cool--she was wearing mickey mouse ears and looked so dark.

there were others who looked really distinctive. i think it was sakuradawn who was wearing a very unusual outfit, very cool and different. kat was so very nice to me as always, and she wore an adorable pink outfift.

i do not know hya very well at all, but she was impressively elegant, and so i admired her from afar.

it is trying at these things because i never know whether to say hello even if i have never met them before.....

but all in all it was something to remember....

Sunday, May 3, 2009

teddy bear hotel....and shiny innards

all work and no play makes juana a dull girl. so i had to rectify the situation, wandering in SL.

i visited poetik velvets, and found myself highly amused at one of teh doorways in the hotel. one of them opened into a large gullet leading into various stomachs. you pass through steaming puddles of digestive juices, with the most evocative background noises, and at the end of it all is a vast room with prim noobs being digested. most amusingly one was labeled "phillip linden".

of course i had to pose with such an important personage.

my amusement with entrails goes back quite into the mists of my personal history. sadly they were often a part of our daily lives, as tripe is considered a delicacy among my peeps. it's so gross, but i remember very distinctly seeing goats slaughtered and their intestines removed, cleaned, and cooked.

later in life i had another little brush with entrail-dom. i think i must be one of the few people who has ever been complimented on their intestines. during my caesarean an unnamed person remarked very amused, that my guts were very pretty, all pink and shiny. i was conscious at the time (heavily drugged) and not amused at all. but now that it's past it makes me laugh because it is sort of funny, in a peculiar sort of way. its not every day that one's entrails get complimented on their beauty.

which brings us to the other doorway....

it was full of teddy bears. apparently there's a 50s children's book featuring teddy bears and dolls in subversively naughty scenarios...i could not resist.

i could hear tedi's voice saying the vilest of things as i wandered through the dollhouse doing semi-questionable things with the teddy bears most thoughtfully provided by the hotel.

the naughty doll juana wears:

sleeps with butterflies gown set by gauze
harajuku streetwalker shoes by the black canary
Xia hair by DrL
forbidden 14 skin by LionSkins
cut gloves from brood set, KC designs
curlicue undershirt, chichi set, cutea benelli
stockings from Misa set by sugar
cigarette by primitive design.

in the hotel at poetik velvets.....down the hallway, left and right doors.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

atonement party

tonight there was a party to open atonement.
i recognized a few people but otherwise they were all gorgeous strangers to me....

i wore my usual insilico gynoid about the town outfit.