Thursday, May 28, 2009

la vida galante

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moving is hateful. and so i haven't been quite my usual self. it is at times like these that i wish i could just have nothing, live simply, and travel in a wonderfully appointed vardo.

with this in mind i went searching high and low in second life looking for a vardo to call my own. but the one i ended up taking home was free, by tooter claxton, with the most wildly hilarious poses, and amazingly funny textures.

as i spun through i was reminded of the colonias, the shantytowns on the border, where people live in school buses and shacks without running water or any sort of convenience.

and of course, being me, i was reminded of the boystown whores in nuevo laredo.....

laredo rose juana wears:

dahlia skin 8 by miasnow
infected shirt by rotten toe
bachelorette skirt by blue blood
dark betrothal stockings by rfyre
carpe noctem boots by nightshade designs
kunstkammer skull necklace and earrings (i saw it on achariya's blog!!! ^^)
schadenfreude coffin ring
gloves and hair rose by gfield
eyes human 21 by primitive design
relia hair by gauze

in a free hobo vardo by tooter claxton
listening to "laredo rose"
performed by the mario escovedo experience

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