Sunday, May 3, 2009

teddy bear hotel....and shiny innards

all work and no play makes juana a dull girl. so i had to rectify the situation, wandering in SL.

i visited poetik velvets, and found myself highly amused at one of teh doorways in the hotel. one of them opened into a large gullet leading into various stomachs. you pass through steaming puddles of digestive juices, with the most evocative background noises, and at the end of it all is a vast room with prim noobs being digested. most amusingly one was labeled "phillip linden".

of course i had to pose with such an important personage.

my amusement with entrails goes back quite into the mists of my personal history. sadly they were often a part of our daily lives, as tripe is considered a delicacy among my peeps. it's so gross, but i remember very distinctly seeing goats slaughtered and their intestines removed, cleaned, and cooked.

later in life i had another little brush with entrail-dom. i think i must be one of the few people who has ever been complimented on their intestines. during my caesarean an unnamed person remarked very amused, that my guts were very pretty, all pink and shiny. i was conscious at the time (heavily drugged) and not amused at all. but now that it's past it makes me laugh because it is sort of funny, in a peculiar sort of way. its not every day that one's entrails get complimented on their beauty.

which brings us to the other doorway....

it was full of teddy bears. apparently there's a 50s children's book featuring teddy bears and dolls in subversively naughty scenarios...i could not resist.

i could hear tedi's voice saying the vilest of things as i wandered through the dollhouse doing semi-questionable things with the teddy bears most thoughtfully provided by the hotel.

the naughty doll juana wears:

sleeps with butterflies gown set by gauze
harajuku streetwalker shoes by the black canary
Xia hair by DrL
forbidden 14 skin by LionSkins
cut gloves from brood set, KC designs
curlicue undershirt, chichi set, cutea benelli
stockings from Misa set by sugar
cigarette by primitive design.

in the hotel at poetik velvets.....down the hallway, left and right doors.

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