Sunday, May 24, 2009

i am going to have tedi's love child.....

omg. i went to one of those stupid maternity clinics in second life, because i had never seen one before. i was dying with laughter. of all the things in the world to want to replicate here, especially since it doesn't hurt and there is no risk of stretch marks or unsightly varicose veins....

the look on the avatar's face on teh exam table animation was insanely funny. especially since this is supposed to be a "serious" place, but the animations in the exam table were so not serious at all. in fact they were such that i totally wondered how these prim babies were getting made.

and i am sorry but omg the sight of my poor little avatar in stirrups was just way too much for me to handle with a straight face.

on the bright side, i think it did show off these new boots fairly nicely, i mean, if the "doctor" was like paying attention or something.

you know the whole thing is wretched and undignified. in real life it's horrifying, in second life it's just plain retarded. why in the world do they make women get in that freaking position? it's the most uncomfortable thing ever.

and i was also miffed, in this second life clinic they didn't even bother to put posters on the ceiling, so you have something to stare at while being poked and prodded.

this place comes equipped with all manner of things. there is a lamaze room......i can't understand why in the hell somebody would want to pretend to have lamaze classes. and what is the deal with the freaking doughnuts?????

by the way i just have to note that all the cutesy pictures are so intensely stupid. like they are bad in the real hospital, but this one in second life is like a third world hospital or something.....

the labor animations are even funnier. there was a water birthing room, with stupid facial expressions for screaming woman, clueless partner, and vaguely interested in a salacious way doctor/doula/midwife. the same thing was to be had in the regular delivery room.

one thing that totally struck me, is no matter if its real life or not, this whole business is so undignified, so very much like whelping puppies or something.

and the animations have unbelievably stupid and lame facial expressions. it's sort of like the sex ones, utterly ridiculous and completely bogus.

the most amusing part by far was in the waiting area. next to one of those stupid baby pictures was a condom machine. and it even dispenses them too, though i didn't bother to get one.

i wonder if avatar stds are preventable? and how in the world do you put one on the SL detachable penii?

but really, what is the freaking point of having prim babies? i mean, i have never seen one, though i have met a child avatar once, and i just don't get that particular translation of a distinctly messy, animalistic, gross, secretion laden, disgusting but necessary process into second life.

unwed tedi momma juana wears:

fatal rose boots and hair bows by self expressions
dogwitch bra, corset, fishnet gloves and tops, vamp red ultralight by nomine
raven death skirt by needful things
leather pants by digit darkes
aural black hair by gauze
coffee skull bangles and jolly roger arm bracelt by grim bros
skull nose piercing by avz
wild rose necklace by gfield
calavera no llora tattoo by i forgot

at the tender care maternity clinic.

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