Wednesday, May 13, 2009

winter's party

it was fun, though there were some technical difficulties that caused our poor host to be a little stressed, though he was the picture of graciousness and fun too.

it was held in the king tut sim, which i have visited before. it was meant to be a historical ball, and so there were various people in different garb.
unfortunately achariya left early, she looked really extraordinary as a modern day oscar wilde, quite the dandy. she danced very gracefully with momo, who was dressed in an outfit reminiscent of silks, and a natural sort of flax-ish color.

munch looked really amazing too. she was totally cast against type, as marilyn monroe and in white too. i would not have recognized her at first.

there was a contest. dove won in her funny rendition of ben franklin, and malkavyn won as a spartan. i was dressed like charlotte corday, and i was very surprised because i did get runner up and so i was given a gift card to a store. so all in all a good time..........
as a postscript, i was looking for pictures of the real charlotte corday, when i came across an extremely funny picture by Hitomi Mokusei from Second Life. so naturally i had to go to this place....(there's even a flickr group too)
charlotte corday is wearing:

18c Redingote by le grenier du chateau
hair rose wine by gfield
sacrificial knife by ronin stormwind
snow bunny skin by katatonik
captain hook hair by siyu suen
mme de renal shoes by cutea benelli

at Bettina Tizzy's Old Chakryn Forest, in AM Radio's Marat replica


Winter Jefferson said...

Thank you for filming this Juana! So this is what it looked like from the outside.

And your outfit was amazing. <3

juana manuel said...

omg! how sweet! thank you for the kind comment! i am sorry it took so long, i didn't see it ^^ but it's much appreciated.