Wednesday, December 31, 2008

a birthday present

Juana Manuel
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i have been given lots of presents today, tangible and intangible, but i count this one as a favorite. my dear friend grady made it--and it is just like getting a poem, at least it seems that way. grady is an amazing person of amazing qualities, quite unlike anybody i have ever known. it represents a happy memory too, a visit to the set of the Strange Pixels "Crime Queen" post.

and i just have to stop and squee over it, because i love it so. !!!!!! :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

sublime porte sallies forth

You Cant Do THAT!
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i am laughing so hard. this is way too much fun. and this is as good as an introduction as any to my friend sublime porte. he has a very complex nature. i have described him at length elsewhere in pillowblog, and so don't have time to repeat all that i have said.

but this is so very representative of him i think. and so i put this as a souvenir of him. it is actually proper as well, because he was the one who pushed me to have a blog, and then after told me in his sublime way, that it was too texty and i should have pictures and things throughout.

Monday, December 29, 2008

my first video with new camera

and so it begins, no?

a new camcorder, ridiculously easy to use.......i don't normally speak this slowly but i am not used to speaking into the camera. :)

it's not a fashion blog, although that is one of my major hobbies, in RL and SL. at first i had it to keep track of my sca garb projects and sl outfits, like a blog version of the notebook i used to have. but now i thought it could be more like a pillow book for pictures, outfits, and videos. and pranks. and SCA. and whatever i want to do. i am not sure.....

Saturday, December 27, 2008

hanukkah gelt bank robber

i really hate the holidays.

it was the second to last night of hanukkah, and in the spirit of mostly boredom i went on a crime spree with my dear little Breach MP5. First i stopped at Hangars Liquides, but shootings are so depressingly pedestrian there. then i went to a German bank. I thought to hold them up for Hanukkah gelt. Seeing as there was nobody there to terrorize, i just posed like Patty Hearst. so call me "Tania" from now on.

gimme all the gelt. MACH SCHNELL bitches.

"tania" is wearing:

skin: Nomine vamp Red
hair: Zero Style "Tita"
hair doodle: Sweetaholic Hair Accessorie
hair rose: GF Rose hairpin Red
dress & gloves: katatonik hanukkah dress (group freebie)
armlets & choker: Susie Bone-Shirt Set
earring and necklace: Violet Voltaire Glitterati set
tattoo: Mia Snow Candy
stockings: katatonik striped stockings teal/black
boots: SiniStyle Deception boots plus platform add-on
machine gun: Breach MP5