Saturday, December 27, 2008

hanukkah gelt bank robber

i really hate the holidays.

it was the second to last night of hanukkah, and in the spirit of mostly boredom i went on a crime spree with my dear little Breach MP5. First i stopped at Hangars Liquides, but shootings are so depressingly pedestrian there. then i went to a German bank. I thought to hold them up for Hanukkah gelt. Seeing as there was nobody there to terrorize, i just posed like Patty Hearst. so call me "Tania" from now on.

gimme all the gelt. MACH SCHNELL bitches.

"tania" is wearing:

skin: Nomine vamp Red
hair: Zero Style "Tita"
hair doodle: Sweetaholic Hair Accessorie
hair rose: GF Rose hairpin Red
dress & gloves: katatonik hanukkah dress (group freebie)
armlets & choker: Susie Bone-Shirt Set
earring and necklace: Violet Voltaire Glitterati set
tattoo: Mia Snow Candy
stockings: katatonik striped stockings teal/black
boots: SiniStyle Deception boots plus platform add-on
machine gun: Breach MP5

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