Saturday, February 28, 2009

a fly on the wall

it is not every day that one witnesses the titans of sl fashion blogging all together.

i can't really say much that hasn't been said already. and the pictures and posts are there to prove it. all i will say is that it was an immense honor to be an extra in this stellar shoot. grady thought it all up herself, and i was lucky to be present with her when she met the creator of the kubrick rooms, who was very nice. for the uninitiated, the kubrick rooms are literally sl replicas of kubrick movie sets. the korova milkbar set is utterly amazing. as far as what to wear, grady gave me very broad direction, just to wear something skimpy, that she would assemble the sl fashion droogs and i was going to be a milkmaid. (each droog would choose their milkmaid).

of course being myself i had to read up and look at the movie stills to figure out what to wear. i spent a day looking for a smooth dead white skin, that would make me look statue-like. i found one skin, but was not happy, and by accident stumbled on a perfect shiny white skin, which was part of a droid set. it looked really interesting because it also had nipple covers and a groin attachment. and boots and gloves. i remember reading somewhere that the milkmaids and the furniture were influenced by the marquis de sade, and indeed when i tried this avatar on it had a distinct S&M flavor. and so i kept the gloves and the nipple covers and groin (which close up had a cool spinning clockwork gear action). i also added the collar, because it looked s&m-ish but it wasn't at all when you looked at it closely, it was more like a decapitation.

i was worried because i didn't know if it would be sufficient. when at last the day arrived, i was wandering troy's place looking at houses, in my semi naked state. i was hailed by grady and tried to get there. the rooms are distressingly hard to navigate and i was in the john of the overlook hotel, till i cut throught the wall.

the droogs were already there. i was directed to take up position. the milkmaid opposite me was wearing a meat bikini. and green hair. the boots i was wearing didn't work with the kneeling posture nor the hair, so i put on a shorter hair and added the latex ballerina boots. it was such an interesting thing to watch. what i found intense was the droogs. they all looked very different but also each outfit there was a heavy dose of their individual personalities.

all the posts and pictures it has spawned as well has been amazing for me to just reminds me that for every event, everyone has their own view of things......

Monday, February 23, 2009

reinha da bateria/xica da silva/queen of mardi gras

at siyu suen's mardi gras 2009 ball masquerade....

it amuses me much that in my dual world, i have attended carnival in the real world and once in the dreaming, and the difference between my corporeal flesh and the pixel container of my soul is quite striking i think. it is one of my dreams to be reborn in a future life as a samba queen, a rainha da bateria, dancing at the head of a samba school, in full regalia. and so i resolved on wearing a brazilian style outfit. i was very fortunate that the first place i landed had such lovely costumes. the one that struck my eye was a bahia-style outfit. apparently the revelers in bahia wear costumes influenced by native american outfits. when i put it on the first thing that came to mind was xica da silva, the famous/notorious 18 century slave, who was the commander's mistress. i admire her and further more love the actress who played her on brazilian tv (tais araujo). it suited me very well, and so i got to work cutting it down.

siyu's parties are quite exclusive--she only lets 50 people attend for the first two hours, and to reduce lag she requires attendees to limit their ensembles to 200 prims or less. so i had to ask the maker to reduce the back piece by half, and i had to skip wearing hair, because the headpiece alone was 84 prims. all in all i was right at 200 prims. i was lucky because i had a skin with an afro on it already, so i wore that. the gown was not part of the outfit, the original being very skimpy indeed. the ball was meant to be formal, so i wore pieces from the Nicky Ree Mui dress, which magically seemed to match perfectly. my avatar eyes are very small and so i wore blue robot eyes to make them stand out of the mask a little better.

i could not take pictures as i was crashing constantly, at one point crashing during the voting. but it was quite the carnival of beauty. its probably better to look at the pictures, but there were several i thought breathtaking. one of the highlights of the evening was watching acha and momo dance. acha underwent a slight metamorphosis, but she ended in a green skin, with a flowing green skirt, and a black corset, masked and bald. momo wore gold thigh high boots, a flowing purple silk with a pattern on it and a gold belt, her purple skin and purple tipped hair. i voted for the both of them. carthalis wore an 18th century gentleman's outfit, complete with wig and cane and mask. morrigan was amazing, a swirling dryad in deep emerald silks and long black hair. north wore an amazing peacock outfit, full of feathers. there were a group of three evils, long thin women, elegantly attired in black, and looking like they were from an edward gorey book. imagine my utter surprise when the winner was announced and i had been voted queen of mardi gras. it literally never entered my head and so i was caught off guard. the evils shared the prize as an honorable mention, as was only just...i stayed on a little longer but my computer was slow and crashing and it hindered my enjoyment. so i left.

and the next day like a ghost i visited the hall where we had danced the night before, and whirled and spun in a lonely dance of my own.....................


Gloves, Top, and Skirt: DNR (Nicky Ree) Mui Magic set gold

Headpiece, necklace, shoes, hose, bracelets, tail feathers, earrings, and back piece: MF Bahia Fogo

Skin: Zulu Maiden (afro) Brazen Women Skins

Leg silks: Ronjas Golden Snake set

Friday, February 13, 2009

gothic oiran part two

wandering the grimy streets of sick..........

this is one of those outfits, that one must keep picking at like a scab. it is probably among my most favorite outfits. in the intervening days i had bought an Oiran outfit from Sweetaholic, my most favored kimono vendors. I put it on and loved it, but still the gothic oiran wanted to come out. so i went to Sick, a lovely dingy japanese-esque cyberpunk sim, and hung out in a seedy the interests of hiding ugly prim feet i wore dark tabi, which i hear is a total no-no. but to hell with it, i hate SL feet. And the adorable toothed geta from Sweetaholic--utterly charming...........

the bored and weary oiran wears:

gothic oiran kimono: Illuminati Ouka Saki Some ni Keri
other clothes: Susie Armwarmers barbed wire, trick pants
hair: Sweetaholic Oiran set (comes with combs)
skin: Clown skin (Crossed out)
pipe: (kiseru) Sweetaholic Oiran set
Geta: Sweetaholic Oiran set

Thursday, February 12, 2009

rave globales at troys

a fundraiser at odaesan house featuring dj tedi. :) this is a retro-post, meaning, i wore this on the date uploaded but i am only getting around to writing this like a month later. yet another reason to love blogs, because one can do this sort of timetravel without major issues. yet another reason why i seriously doubt anyone in their right mind would bother to read this little diary of mine......

I found the hair and outfit while looking for something else entirely. this appears to be a normal mode of clothing discovery. i am not sure exactly what this might be called, except perhaps club girl-ish......I do love the hair though, it's really well made and has such a lovely wave in it.

Disturbia Spiders Outfit plus June Starry Night hair from ^;^CaTwA^;^
[rQ]dress~COAT~black(Grunge NekoPunkUrban Style) (with legwarmers)
+Susie+ Goth boots and choker
Wretched dollies tophat
Nomine china white retro 50's skin
Animazoo Belly Dance AO

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


mictlancihuatl is the lady of the underworld, mictlan. she is normally depicted as a skeleton, and elements of her cult have survived in the worship of santa muerte, a skeleton "saint" who is worshipped by many of the poor and also the somewhat naughty.

i do not mean to take on her fearsome mantle but whenever i wear the bone dresses (there are several versions, with different names) by cutea benelli, i feel like her, or at least a shadow of her.

in this version:
skirt, shoes, monocle, wings, top, gloves from wireweb faerie dress by grim bros.
arm elements and hat from bone dress grim bros
hands on dress grim bros
candybleedingtat and wild woman hair by MiaSnow
Clownskin crossed out
bloody bonehead bracelets by retox