Tuesday, February 10, 2009


mictlancihuatl is the lady of the underworld, mictlan. she is normally depicted as a skeleton, and elements of her cult have survived in the worship of santa muerte, a skeleton "saint" who is worshipped by many of the poor and also the somewhat naughty.

i do not mean to take on her fearsome mantle but whenever i wear the bone dresses (there are several versions, with different names) by cutea benelli, i feel like her, or at least a shadow of her.

in this version:
skirt, shoes, monocle, wings, top, gloves from wireweb faerie dress by grim bros.
arm elements and hat from bone dress grim bros
hands on dress grim bros
candybleedingtat and wild woman hair by MiaSnow
Clownskin crossed out
bloody bonehead bracelets by retox

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