Thursday, February 12, 2009

rave globales at troys

a fundraiser at odaesan house featuring dj tedi. :) this is a retro-post, meaning, i wore this on the date uploaded but i am only getting around to writing this like a month later. yet another reason to love blogs, because one can do this sort of timetravel without major issues. yet another reason why i seriously doubt anyone in their right mind would bother to read this little diary of mine......

I found the hair and outfit while looking for something else entirely. this appears to be a normal mode of clothing discovery. i am not sure exactly what this might be called, except perhaps club girl-ish......I do love the hair though, it's really well made and has such a lovely wave in it.

Disturbia Spiders Outfit plus June Starry Night hair from ^;^CaTwA^;^
[rQ]dress~COAT~black(Grunge NekoPunkUrban Style) (with legwarmers)
+Susie+ Goth boots and choker
Wretched dollies tophat
Nomine china white retro 50's skin
Animazoo Belly Dance AO

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