Saturday, February 28, 2009

a fly on the wall

it is not every day that one witnesses the titans of sl fashion blogging all together.

i can't really say much that hasn't been said already. and the pictures and posts are there to prove it. all i will say is that it was an immense honor to be an extra in this stellar shoot. grady thought it all up herself, and i was lucky to be present with her when she met the creator of the kubrick rooms, who was very nice. for the uninitiated, the kubrick rooms are literally sl replicas of kubrick movie sets. the korova milkbar set is utterly amazing. as far as what to wear, grady gave me very broad direction, just to wear something skimpy, that she would assemble the sl fashion droogs and i was going to be a milkmaid. (each droog would choose their milkmaid).

of course being myself i had to read up and look at the movie stills to figure out what to wear. i spent a day looking for a smooth dead white skin, that would make me look statue-like. i found one skin, but was not happy, and by accident stumbled on a perfect shiny white skin, which was part of a droid set. it looked really interesting because it also had nipple covers and a groin attachment. and boots and gloves. i remember reading somewhere that the milkmaids and the furniture were influenced by the marquis de sade, and indeed when i tried this avatar on it had a distinct S&M flavor. and so i kept the gloves and the nipple covers and groin (which close up had a cool spinning clockwork gear action). i also added the collar, because it looked s&m-ish but it wasn't at all when you looked at it closely, it was more like a decapitation.

i was worried because i didn't know if it would be sufficient. when at last the day arrived, i was wandering troy's place looking at houses, in my semi naked state. i was hailed by grady and tried to get there. the rooms are distressingly hard to navigate and i was in the john of the overlook hotel, till i cut throught the wall.

the droogs were already there. i was directed to take up position. the milkmaid opposite me was wearing a meat bikini. and green hair. the boots i was wearing didn't work with the kneeling posture nor the hair, so i put on a shorter hair and added the latex ballerina boots. it was such an interesting thing to watch. what i found intense was the droogs. they all looked very different but also each outfit there was a heavy dose of their individual personalities.

all the posts and pictures it has spawned as well has been amazing for me to just reminds me that for every event, everyone has their own view of things......

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