Monday, March 2, 2009


I was still feeling the gynoid vibe and so i went to insilico, because it is sort of blue and very cyberpunk. in fact it reminds me much of Ghost in the Shell.

i got lost and managed to find myself in some forgotten corner. in my present state of undress i felt it prudent to be somewhat reclusive, and stumbled upon this strange room. it seemed the perfect accessory.

for i see now that the surroundings are important, to accentuate and harmonize with one's attire........

the gynoid wears:

skin: Whispers of Night Deathly F Lost Gloom Stalker
Gynoid eyes, gloves, and body attachments: Servo-Unit by Stygian Avatars
hair: Riddle by Magika
nose piercing: AVZ Skull Nose Piercing
boots: from the Heroine set by Slick
pose: Body Language by SLC Haruka Modeling Poses set.

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