Sunday, March 29, 2009

sexy-land hitman pranker

i can't help it. i just like to prank people. there is just something so infinitely amusing about it. i was dressed as la virgen de los sicarios, and after wandering in midian city for a while, realizing I looked too much like I belonged there, i decided it might be more fun to go somewhere totally unexpected.

i ended up at a place i'd already been, a naughty voyeur motel in SL. i don't cyber, and i think the notion of "sex" in SL is pretty silly (a personal opinion)...and i had been there before to laugh and take a machinima of juana dancing in the peepshow and mostly to gawk at the set up.

i was not disappointed in terms of the silliness factor. there were people wandering about in various states of undress, and after trying out the poses (alone) and screaming with laughter at the simulated avatar sex faces, I went to pose in the peepshow room. to my great amusement someone arrived to watch me though i was only using a bellydance animation. he seemed insensitive to my obvious surprise and joking because i kept asking him if he was serious, how could such an improbable display be so interesting?

i got bored and left the wildly upholstered peepshow room because he horrified me with his susequent chafing of the bish.

as I fled i didn't realize there was an upper level to this build, and so i ascended to investigate. in SL everyone is a peeping tom anyway, with your camera being able to cross walls. and i spied a guy waiting on a bed in one of the rooms.

so i did what came naturally, which is to say i busted in on him with guns drawn pretending to be a hitman.

i forgot in my innocence that this might be construed as a sort of game. i think this what the poor befuddled gentleman thought. he was sending me politely worded yet insistent IMs offering various services. i just laughed and laughed. The whole scene was made even more risible by the sudden arrival of an audience. they were drawn i suppose by the lure of two green dots together on the mini map.
avatars have a very vacant slack jawed look to them that seemed quite appopriate given the circumstances.

i did get bored though and announced to the assembly that i was not there for games, booty, and fun, just playing a prank. and walked back into the downstairs.

the downstairs is incidentally furnished with a naughty cinema. i didn't bother to activate the screen. i was wandering around liking the way the red interior looked with my outfit when several people arrived and sat down in the seats. for the most part they were clothed. but one person felt very moved to remove his clothes in my presence. he had a hilariously impossibly large appendage too. he worked it up and down a few times presumably to get my attention.

i ignored him. and he sat down beside me, with his avatar periodically breaking into an idiotic grin. for some reason he also felt that decorum would be violated if he removed his shoes, and so they stayed on.

i finally became bored and left, presumably never to return. :)

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