Thursday, March 19, 2009

reien kimono confusion

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at the Sweetaholic sim, in their back garden, listening to Shiina Ringo by Anna Tsuchiya.

i love sweetaholic kimonos, it is a terrible obsession. they are gorgeous and i love the blend of modern and gothic elements with traditional ones. that being said, i think that the way juana is wearing this outfit, is grammatically improper in kimono-ese. for one thing, the very low nape of the neck, and the three toed geta with no socks, scream oiran, though the obi is tied in the back like a geisha's and the hair is pretty restrained like a geisha's too. its funny because i had to modify the obi to fit juana. she is very short for an avatar, and so fitting obis for her is a particularly odious chore. it started off with the obi scarf pretty high up, which would indicate youth, but because juana has such a short torso, to make it fit her an i had to push the obi scarf so down that it is nearly invisible, which means juana is wearing her obi more like a very very old woman would.

i am sure the kimono police will show up and beat her up for her kimono insolence, and for all the other terrible crimes against kimono that she is committing.

kimono, obi, neck adornment, geta, fan and parasol Reien set by Sweetaholic
geisha hair black a by Magika
Mourna skin black by Nomine

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