Wednesday, March 11, 2009

life in death (catch up) or zombie sabbath bride

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i am lazy and never keep up. and so i often retro-post, when i have the leisure and inclination. and this is one egregious example. (i am writing this in march)

this is an old outfit, that i wore actually several places. one was zorena's halloween party, which would make this my "official" halloween outfit.

i also wore it on an evening visiting, in the whispering city of hangar liquides, where i saw angels walking, and was under the spell of wings of desire.........

this is one i chose pretty carefully, and i meant it to speak for me. the tophat and skin are a pretty clear reference to baron samedi, the profane and oh so aztec (though not) voudoun god, who has that particular blend of death and fecundity. the snake bracelets too, reference voudoun but also they are a symbol of rebirth. the necklace is an exact version of the kabbalistic tree of life. if i remember correctly i wore this on a friday, which was amusing.

and that is where my symbolism ends really.

the zombie sabbath bride wears:
voodoo skin by Deviant Kitties
tophat by Illusions
Tree of Life, Medusa armlets, Cenobite's Claws by Tekel'li
Remains of the Night dress by Ookami Ningen
Checkered stockings by Amplify
Harajuku stomps boots by Dark Eden
Kristin hair by Zero Style

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