Sunday, March 29, 2009


i thought it would be funny to go somewhere where my dress didn't match the surroundings. first off i went to some trashy "666" horror sim in my beloved new POPI dress by Eshi Otawara.

so far so good right? no. i was wandering around looking impossibly pert and perky in the stereotypically gloomy satanic lite lame ass sim (with two big ass pistols i may add) and clicked on some sort of animated scene type things.
some were merely incomprehensible, mostly they were silly.

but then again, how i can i say they are silly if i myself am there too?

it's only cuz i am being ironic. (yeah right)

while on my little tour of the premises, i got trapped in a spider cage thingy. i didn't mind though, because this is sort of what i think a deranged fashionista would look like, after having to keep up with everyone for so long.

but we can chalk this up to hallucinations and exhaustion right? which means a stint in rehab or a hospital.....................................

so i looked around for lunatic asylums. this one appears to be a clubhouse for a group of people who like to put mildly pronish pics of their avatars all over the place. i decided to stay because the bear at this lunatic asylum reminds me of tedi........

the crazy wannabe fashionista is clad in:

POPI by Eshi Otawara
Skin Ultralight Vamp red (Nomine)
Pearls (i can't remember)
GField Lady Rose Shoes in Pale Pink
Katonka hair by Catwa

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