Saturday, October 31, 2009

at siyu suen's masque of the dead.....

....a special merveilleuse report. :)

Siyu Suen has the most insanely fabulous parties.  not only does she dj divinely but she also has hit on a very brilliant method to keep lag down--when you attend one of her parties (masked and in formal clothes) you must keep your prim count at 200 prims or less.  it sounds mad, but i do believe it causes unbelievable creativity in the ensembles that are worn.  and trust me, the people who go (myself not included) are fierce slfashion titans!

i tried to get a few little films in of the remarkable scene--every single person looked unique and distinctive.  truly there were too many to count. but at the end of the fray, the ball had its king in carthalis rossini, who did a splendid interpretation of baron samedi in a nomine sugar skull skin, and also the three queens, who were mabb dilwegg, who looked amazing carrying her decapitated head as a zombie marie antoinette, and the incredible twin duo of mourna biziou and achariya maktoum, who were twin creepy broken dolls.

i think the brilliance of the company speaks for itself, i only hope i was able to catch a bit of the amazing scene that unfolded last night.....

i only wish to add here at the end, what i wore.  i found a somewhat expensive but really innovative store, called violator.  i suspect people already know about it, but when i saw this dress i knew i must have it.  and so i must show it to you, because i love it.....

juana's masquerade gown:
(abridged) @192 prims:
death of the black swan dress by violator
aztec gold bracelets by otaku designs
skull mask
hair rose by gfield
mary jane shoes by violent seduction
burnt bones skin by nomine
skull ear spikes by mad about
visions of death eyes by rotten toe
hair by deviant kitties

(unabridged version, which what is pictured above):
death of the black swan dress by violator
aztec gold bracelets by otaku designs
hair rose by gfield
bonus cruelty skin by cutea benelli
mayan dream tats by garden of kuu (tinted red)
skull ear spikes by mad about
visions of death eyes by rotten toe
bax boots
hair by deviant kitties

Thursday, October 29, 2009

la llorona

when i was small i was scared half to death by tales of la llorona, a spectral crying woman who roamed the banks of the river (supposedly the one in our town of course), creeping up and snatching children. i spent an awful lot of time at my grandparents' house and they lived a few blocks from the river.....

it wasn't till later that i learned that la llorona is a folk legend that is pretty widespread....and she is apparently all over the place.  it doesn't lessen the uncomfortable feeling i get when i have to pass by the water at night, or hear distant sounds of women crying.....

however it is an excellent excuse to blog the uberfabuloso dia de los muertos jewelry set made by the lovely lola79 heinrichs of otaku designs!!!! <333!!!! and i love how the main pendant has a lovely purple flame too!

la llorona juana wears:

dia de los muertos necklace & bracelets by otaku designs
maya hair by mirja mills
jasmine dress set by fumiwo
immortal dreamer skin by miasnow
carpe noctem ivory boots by nightshade designs
visions of death eyes by rotten toe

at innu sim
listening to walking shadow (doboide) from freesound

Saturday, October 24, 2009

when mythologies collide.....

occasionally it makes me laugh to imagine juana as being a dark and sinister fashionista follower of the old gods, prowling the landscapes of second life looking for noobs to sacrifice, to keep up her outfit juju.  hey, stranger things have happened. so juana got dressed to kill in one of the new nomine sugar skull skins (throws self on ground in manic abasement and worship of the divine munchflower z.) and went out to look for sacrificial victims for her obscene and deadly fashion rites.

but there is a slight problem with this ho-hum rummaging for sacrificial noobs. this creepy little inhabited by an inescapable horrendous terrible horror the likes of which nobody has ever seen! (and if they did see it they'd go mad!) now, at this point i am thinking that if this little scenario wasn't ever made as a santo film, then it really should have been.  (i did google santo vs. the great old ones just to be sure) though actually i would rather have masked takenouchi from cromartie high school in the movie. or at least dress poor juana like him.

apart from these little technical difficulties, now is the time on merveilleuse where we gush about the fashion. and i admit to falling in love with sangre noir, though i first was introduced to this designer when i bought the most adorable dia de los muertos neko set from subtle submission.  i love the way this outfit moves.  also i can't say enough how much i adore bakersfield kidd's tattoos (they aren't for sale anymore which is why i love them even more).  also, cutea benelli, in her infinite goddesslike wisdom has made the most perfect set of sacrificial shoes ever. they are literally stiletto blades impaling severed hearts. <3<3<3!

sugar skull in innsmouth juana wears:

sugar skull skin 3 by nomine
to live and to die tattoos by bakersfield kidd
sangre noir 2 by sangre noir
skull choker and earrings by mad about
bloody bonehead bracelets by retox
obsidian blade by cortech
heartsnatcher stillettos by grim bros/cutea benelli
anzu kuromame hair by ay.line
hair rose wine by gfield
visions of death eyes by rotten toe

in innsmouth sim
listening to
Krios- Illa Tiðandi (Burzum cover)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

the undead quinceanera

it's october....and therefore the obsession with the dead continues. as i was trying on the new Skinny Winnie Zombie Bride dress by Grim Bros/Cutea Benelli, i started laughing for a moment. i didn't laugh at the dress--far from it. this dress is by far my favorite of the bone dresses Cutea Benelli makes--i love how it is bony but also very gauzy and light looking too. what made me laugh was it reminded me very much of the dress i wore for my quinceanera.

the idea of a pre hispanic death goddess as a quinceanera struck me as insanely funny, and i thought it might be hilarious to go to one of those romantic smooth jazz ballrooms and hang out. and so i did.  the people there at the ballroom were actually quite kind, and didn't seem to notice my attire. i was wondering if i was being teased because someone was addressing another person as "skull" but that ended up being one of the avatars' first name.

even so, nobody wanted to dance with me. *sniffs*. 

skinny winnie the zombie's bride & belle morte shoes by grim bros/cutea benelli
wild woman hair by miasnow
mayan dream (tinted) by garden of kuu
crossed out clown skin
skull ear spikes by mad about
hair rose wine by gfield
necromantic crown by violent seduction

at sweethearts jazz club

listening to smooth jazz all stars "heart of a woman (r. kelly cover and tribute)" *snicker*

Monday, October 5, 2009

in nomine munchflower......

i went to get a new dollskin from nomine. :)  its freaking amazing of course (does the i am not worthy dance), and while i was at it i decided to have a mini nomine hommage...wearing the annis dress and the necklace from the bone collector set. 

i went exploring in la cimitiere--very charming sim.  it seemed at first glance to be new orleans-ish. there was a kind of house there that had all manner of poses, and it amused me very much because try as i might to be a dainty little doll, i ended up making poor juana look like a gothic sex doll.  and it made me scream with laughter. also because my poor little shape had a bit of a peachfuzz frida kahloish mustache going, so to prevent my embarassment i just added a faux mustache to cover it up.

apparently there are people who like this sort of thing, because i looked up from taking pictures and there was an avatar there on the bed somewhat disrobed and cheerfully asking me the standard questions. i just about died laughing.

annis dress, white dollskin seamed vamp skin,
& bone collector necklace by nomine
necromantic bloomers & elegant gloves by violent seduction
gazing balls eyes silver by miasnow
mustache from duckshoot dress by katatonic
yangzi hair by drl
platform dia de los muertos shoes by grim bros/cutea benelli

at la cimitiere

listening to
Eläkeläiset - Juon ja Humppaan (Sex Bomb)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

mi novia

it is the first day of october. and it begins my most favorite time of the year.....that lasts till nov 3rd.   by now  you all know that i am obsessed with pre-hispanic culture, and at this time of year i am even more obsessed by la catrina, the female dandy skeleton and symbol of the day of the dead.  to me she is more than just a symbol, but also in my opinion a living link to ancient mesoamerican death goddesses.  she has been called many names, this "lady of the land of the dead," and i strongly suspect that she is still being worshiped in the modern cult of santa muerte.

it made me wonder....if jose guadalupe posada improbably came back from the dead and managed to break into the dreamworld of second life, (maybe as a skeleton avatar), he'd probably have a ton of things to lampoon.   and in this same spirit i thought to myself, if la catrina was going to be in second life and ultra fashionable, she might very well come back incarnated as a goth loli.

 i was aided in this little exercise in vanity and clothes-madness by the *cue screaming fangirls* ever magnificent munchflower zaius, who made this incredible skin and gave it to me as a gift (stops typing to throw myself to the ground grovelling).  i also went mad when i saw this incredible dress, the Aura dress from Violent Seduction.  likewise the shoes from Cutea Benelli/Grim bros are freaking amazing....

gothloli la catrina juana wears:

Sugar Skulls & Roses Upper & Lower Body tattoos (black and white)
Aura set by Violent Seduction
Charmant Raven sleeves, top, and pantaloons by Nightshade Blacklist
lollo estremista ballet heels by Grim Bros
Alice black hair by Deviant Kitties
Trophy hat no. 2- The SkullCake by i love 13
Gypsy hoop earrings and Sugar Skull necklace by Kunstkammer
fascinator paris 1 hat by Nonna Hedges
Sylvan China White sugar skull skin (custom--a gift from munchflower <3 *fangirl* ) by Nomine