Thursday, October 29, 2009

la llorona

when i was small i was scared half to death by tales of la llorona, a spectral crying woman who roamed the banks of the river (supposedly the one in our town of course), creeping up and snatching children. i spent an awful lot of time at my grandparents' house and they lived a few blocks from the river.....

it wasn't till later that i learned that la llorona is a folk legend that is pretty widespread....and she is apparently all over the place.  it doesn't lessen the uncomfortable feeling i get when i have to pass by the water at night, or hear distant sounds of women crying.....

however it is an excellent excuse to blog the uberfabuloso dia de los muertos jewelry set made by the lovely lola79 heinrichs of otaku designs!!!! <333!!!! and i love how the main pendant has a lovely purple flame too!

la llorona juana wears:

dia de los muertos necklace & bracelets by otaku designs
maya hair by mirja mills
jasmine dress set by fumiwo
immortal dreamer skin by miasnow
carpe noctem ivory boots by nightshade designs
visions of death eyes by rotten toe

at innu sim
listening to walking shadow (doboide) from freesound


GL said...

That wailing lady frightens me mucho.

juana manuel said...

she is like a bean-sidhe no?