Sunday, March 15, 2009

sugar skull catrina, remixed

in hangars liquides...........
music is dj tiesto's remix of binary finary's 1998.

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the theme of this ensemble is la catrina, the other manifestation of mictlancacihuatl...who is famous as a symbol of the day of the dead. i wore a version of this outfit for my dia de los muertos party, but i unearthed it again after getting a fabulous skin from munchflower zaius of nomine. it was an unexpected gift, and i literally wanted (and still want to) thank her every day because it is an amazingly detailed beautiful skin, with a sugar skull face.

i love this dress anyway--there is something so off-kilter but beautiful about it, and i love how it exposes one side of the body. originally i wore a custom version of nomine's burnt bones skin, and the "to live and die" tattoo set, so the visible parts had visible bones. but with this new skin, i wore the "mayan dream" tattoos by garden of ku, because the placement of those tats is very complimentary to the gown. and that hat--it amazes me how it goes so well with the gown.

OMG hilarious--it's a look that goes from streetwalker to amateur sniper, too.

skin: Sylvan Sugar Skull by Nomine (a gift from Munch)<3 <3
hair: KatKota hair by Catwa
hat: Eliza's Ascot hat by Illusions Dress: White Shadow by Sweetest Goodbye
Kashu boa and Mei panties by Dirty Lynx
Hair rose, lace gloves, rose ring, and ruffle by G Field
Ouka Saki collar by Illuminati Ring: Yoru lingo by Nonko
Bax Ankle boots by Max Coen
Upper arm belt by Sweetaholic
Wilted Wednesday vest by Kyoot Army OnePiece64 Stockings by Kuri Style Tattoos: Mayan Dream by Garden of Ku

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