Friday, February 13, 2009

gothic oiran part two

wandering the grimy streets of sick..........

this is one of those outfits, that one must keep picking at like a scab. it is probably among my most favorite outfits. in the intervening days i had bought an Oiran outfit from Sweetaholic, my most favored kimono vendors. I put it on and loved it, but still the gothic oiran wanted to come out. so i went to Sick, a lovely dingy japanese-esque cyberpunk sim, and hung out in a seedy the interests of hiding ugly prim feet i wore dark tabi, which i hear is a total no-no. but to hell with it, i hate SL feet. And the adorable toothed geta from Sweetaholic--utterly charming...........

the bored and weary oiran wears:

gothic oiran kimono: Illuminati Ouka Saki Some ni Keri
other clothes: Susie Armwarmers barbed wire, trick pants
hair: Sweetaholic Oiran set (comes with combs)
skin: Clown skin (Crossed out)
pipe: (kiseru) Sweetaholic Oiran set
Geta: Sweetaholic Oiran set

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