Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the fifth sun

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mesoamerican myths say that the world has lived through 5 epochs, or suns. we are currently in the fifth sun. the previous suns ended in horrible calamities, and the people who inhabited those older suns were imperfect. in this sun, quetzacoatl mixed up bones of the ancients with his blood and with corn, to create humans. but there needed to be a god to sacrifice to create the new sun.

the gods assembled, but nobody really wanted to do it. one brash young and handsome god, Tecciztecatl, could not summon the courage to throw himself into the flames.

one of the gods offered himself for the sacrifice-nanauatl, an old, ugly, emaciated old man. as he burned he rose in the sky and became the sun.

tecciztecatl was ashamed and jumped in the fire next, and he became the moon, shining but paler.

this was what i was thinking as i shopped at grim bros and seeing a floating fire, could not resist. because after all, according to the mayan calendar, this fifth sun is set to end in 2012....who will sacrifice themselves to create the sixth sun?

nenetlxochil wears:

c+c kadath hair
burnt bones skin and hearst dress by nomine
bloody rawbones bracelets by retox
dia de los muertos shoes and archaic skull choker by grim bros
to live and to die tattoos by bakersfield kidd
skull ear spike by mad about
skull nose ring avz
hair and tail feathers by i sort of forgot at the moment.

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