Wednesday, May 20, 2009

omega music box dancer

carthalis is sort of a bad influence on me i think. he travels to the most interesting places, and his flickr photostream is like a travelogue, but of the most interesting, picturesque, and fairly dark and magical kind.

so following in his footsteps i went to the omega point sim. i don't quite get the backstory but it appears to be a kind of dark horror semi fantasy maybe futuristic kind of place, with cyber touches. it's amazingly beautiful too.
there are many little nooks and crannies there--decadent and sinister places hinting at dark rituals and bloodsucking creatures.

Originally uploaded by al-zahra
some spots seem just unabashedly off. like the dance floor, which has a glowing green dance pole with a skull on top, among other things. and floating gogo dancer boxes. i didn't hear music but it amused me to float around upside down, in the admittedly beautiful ballroom area.

i found a strange cage, in a lovely pavillion facing the sea. it was set up with cushions for spectators. i was curious so jumped inside, thinking it was for dancing. but no. it was full of gorean type poses, so i guess this is some sort of local naughty hangout place. it seems too beautiful to be anything really all that bad.

music box dancer juana wears:
dahlia skin 8 and candy heart tattoo by miasnow
infected black satin shirt by rotten toe
skull nose piercing by avz
tutu from murder ballet set by snatch
crimson betrothal stockings by rfyre
chichi collar by cutea benelli
coffin ring by schadenfreude
thigh high boots black by j's
dia de los muertos earrings by violet voltaire
relia hair by gauze
gamine girl stockings by unknown
hair rose wine by gfield

at the omega point sim

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