Friday, May 8, 2009

hazmat club girl at the meat market

i am very fond of dance music, and the clubs in second life have good music but they also look so cool. and even if there are annoying people it's nicer than feigning interest when a drunk person screams idiotic pickup lines in your ear, flavored with their beer breath.
i went to kitu lounge, which was amusing because they had dance platforms that move up and down with the music. if that was for real i would totally be vomiting and fall off too. but in second life it is no big deal, and you can even look as odd as you want to.......

because I sort of can't take it seriously dressed like a frat boy meat market kind of club....

the juana the club girl wears:

dedalo set by blue blood
black widow boots by nightshade designs
forbidden 19 skin by lionskins
amaya kimono arm belts and posture collar by gauze
riddle multi by magika (guilty for wearing it but oh well)
skull bracers by ct
finga gloves by snatch

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