Tuesday, May 5, 2009

achariya's birthday party

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it is not every day that a party like this happens. i'd also never really been to a full on japanese themed party, at least not with fashion folk. i was really beside myself with what to wear. i nearly wore my meiji schoolgirl outfit, but at the last minute decided to wear my gothic oiran outfit instead.

the garden itself is quite lovely. we appeared to be dancing on water. i knew very few people there, though everyone was quite kind to me.

achariya wore a sweetaholic wa-loli, with what looked like sinistyle boots and bp hair. her obi was a spotted leopard skin.

momo did the honors as dj, and she wore a nonko kimono, i think the cage one i believe. it is a long black furisode with white images of a young girl. she was wearing a really distinctive hairstyle with it as well, without the bow.

diana wore i think a latex kimono by ookami ningen. i just missed munchflower, who looked so cool--she was wearing mickey mouse ears and looked so dark.

there were others who looked really distinctive. i think it was sakuradawn who was wearing a very unusual outfit, very cool and different. kat was so very nice to me as always, and she wore an adorable pink outfift.

i do not know hya very well at all, but she was impressively elegant, and so i admired her from afar.

it is trying at these things because i never know whether to say hello even if i have never met them before.....

but all in all it was something to remember....

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