Thursday, September 24, 2009

vampyr circus acrobat

it has been a while since i have posted. there are times when the wheel of fortune spins out of control, up and down and all around in a dizzying manner....and so it has seemed the past few days.

i'd had a spectacular binge at rotten toe, which is fast becoming one of my favorite stores.  the whole guro loli thing i think is beginning to grow on me.  i also went crazy over the magnificent skin there.  today i wore the black dancer dress.  it has wonderful variations, and this is just one way to wear it.  i was wandering around as always and stumbled on a kind of vampire opera house. but with a just seemed so very fitting.

vampyr circus acrobat juana wears:

Black dancer set & Clownish f1 skin by Rotten Toe
lollo estremista shoes &
full frontal spike choker by Grim Brothers
enigma bracelet  by loulou&co
natsumi by diversity hairskull nose piercing by AVZ
Sugar Skulls & Roses tattoo by Otaku Designs
Ghoul fest eyes &
Silver Nail brooch by Tacky Star

at asunder sim
listening to
la vie d'un poisson dans l'eau by
Circus Marcus


GL said...

Nice form.

juana manuel said...

thank you. poor juana had years of beijing opera school training yanno.....