Thursday, September 3, 2009

...will be the death of me...

in sl, as in rl, i have a terrible love of boots and shoes. maybe it's not an addiction of say, imelda marcos magnitude. (that poor woman, will we be joking about her hundreds of years from now) It is somewhat pronounced though, this shoe mania that afflicts me.

and so i have decided to confess my unholy love of all things boot and shoes....while wearing an impossibly cute and tough pair that i found at an interesting shop that i like. and i am very lazy, wearing a dress i bought last friday for 50 linden at katatonik.

bored and boot mania juana (like barbie parody, no?) wears:

dark pink s & s dress by katatonik
cyberpunk combat boots by self expressions
necromantic bloomers and opheliac skin by violent seduction
skulls and roses tattoo by otaku designs
trophy hat and necklace (the name eludes me) by i <3 thirteen
alice hair by deviant kitties
antie loud brown eyes by artilleri
bloodybones bracelets by retox

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