Friday, August 7, 2009

bandage mermaid

there are times when we must work with what fate and fortune have given us. a strange convulsion of luck while looking for something else, and finding the perfect outfit priceless.

in this case i was wandering the channel island asylum, which is a really creepy place btw, all haunted sounding and with strange quirks, and it made me think of juana going off to bulgaria for cheap plastic surgery and ending up committed in the mental ward for "exhaustion."

and while looking for a suitable costume, found the most amazing outfit, from a new to me designer, queenqueen. it is literally a mermaid outfit composed of bloody bandages...and despite the fact that a mermaid floating in the halls of a mental institution might be odd, i did it anyway.

crazy juana wears:

bandage white mermaid 2 by queen queen
wild woman hair by mia
dollhouse skin 14 by lionskins
cigarette by primitive design
neko geta by dirty lynx
mermaid ao by kami-hitoe

at the channel island asylum
listening to end titles by atrium carceri

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