Wednesday, August 12, 2009


one of my favorite things about second life is that you never know who or what you will encounter in your daily travels/ this case i arrived somewhere with a specific purpose in mind, to make fun of someone, and ended up feeling too awed and moved to do anything but stare and wonder.

The sim owner and builder, MASAKADO Allen, was incredibly kind and gracious. Even though translation programs can be awkward at best, she was so patient and taught me a few japanese words. i regret not knowing japanese, i would have liked to have been able to extend her the same courtesy. it was so amazing to me to think of us both chatting nicely, the two of us, though our countries had once been bitter enemies.

i think the most moving part came near the end. she had explained to me that the Akagi was sunk during the battle of Midway, (***correction: Yamato was sunk, but much later. Many thanks to Grady Echegaray who kindly pointed this out to me, along with the correct spelling of Akagi***) and i asked her if both ships still remained on the ocean floor. She told me that they sleep in the ocean.

i hope they and the bodies of the men that they still entomb, slumber peacefully.

pseudo-cher juana wears:

corvus dress, WL goth skin by nomine
abbadon bracers by tekeli'li
big bomb hair by bp
u-sha fantasie necklace by husky gfx
hathor goddess diadem by eyecandy
paradisis armlets by cat-i-mimi
neck corset by RU
fallen disgrace boots by nightshade designs

listening to audio from the
movie "Midway" (1976)
At Masakado Allen's sim
YAMATO of Japan

rest in peace
Yamato and Akegi

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