Sunday, August 16, 2009

on the slab

my infatuation with queenqueen rages on, unabated. i just can't help it, they are so lovely, and detailed, and just crazy. and they have a sort of goth thing going, though its not what you'd normally classify as "goth" necessarily.

like this ensemble, called very simply "blood dress." its not exactly gothy per se--except for the blood spatters, and when you cam in closer you realize the pattern on the dress is like was hard to figure out where to go to take a picture for this outfit. first i went to a rice paddy (leeches) then i found a funny morgue store, and jumped in a "body filing cabinet."

i have gotten up on a real morgue autopsy table at a museum once, but that's another story. :)

Originally uploaded by al-zahra
cold cuts juana wears:

blood dress by queenqueen
gawth tears skin by nomine
splash hair by c hair
liah boots crimson by jaywalk
blood beads set by spica
red hair rose by gfield
skull nose piercing by avz

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