Saturday, August 8, 2009

queenqueen makes me brokebroke.....

...not to mention eshi otawara's post mortem sale, which makes me crazy. i will probably be reduced to begging in the virtual streets for lindens.

the bandage mermaid dress totally blew me away yesterday. and so i had to investigate this new-to-me store, and when i arrived there i totally and utterly fell in love. and i found a few cool and interesting facts-- QueenQueen is apparently a RL brand designed by a RL designer, Koji Toyoda. And they had a cool youtube channel too.

this dress has face bandages that go with it too. i'm impatient and my avatar is difficult to fit, so i just dispensed with the scarf and lower face mask....the armlets too were giving me issues.

while shopping at eshi otawara's store, i spied these interesting shoes, and so had to have them.....

brokeback juana wears:
dark bandage dress by queenqueen
usa hair black, hair flowers, and armwarmers by gauze
neck corset by ru
glam skins vice versa deux pale by lessthanthree
pointed bridge boot by schmidt
creepy eyes by negriposi

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