Friday, August 21, 2009

happy moody bunny

i love second life. its so freaking peculiar. like where else can you sit on a representation of a squishy mammary gland?(may be NSFW) and have splendidly dressed women ask you seriously why you are in the art?

i went to wait on a friend in the amusingly named "happy mood" sim.....there are bunnies there. gigantic happy ones. i couldn't resist. as far as my ensemble goes, i am still in the throes of a queen queen sue me. :)

happy mood purple juana wears:

dark dress by queenqueen
magnolia bracelets and necklace by loulou
hyasynth shoes by shiny things
yanzi wave hair by DrL
glam chin stripe skin by nomine
kunstkammer sugar skull necklace and roma style earrings (also malice set by tekeli'li)
antie eyes loud purple by artilleri

at happy mood sim, an anonymous rice paddy, and the grande odalisque statue at black swan.....

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