Sunday, August 23, 2009

hanging around.

while exploring the other day I bumped into a friend. It's always cool when you and your friends share the same interests. Or at least tolerate them enough to humor you occasionally.

I've posted elsewhere about my friend Rev, who IMHO is one of the rare people whose RL appearance surpasses his avatar. But this doesn't mean his avatar is any less striking. On the contrary, he looks always really interesting. somewhat magnetic, i'd say.

i did enjoy the visit, and i would have offered him some tea, as is only hospitable, but my neck was broken i'm afraid.

on rev eponym:
Hair: .::MADesigns Hair::. ~ ANDY ~ Silver Tones
Artilleri 'Buddy Glasses'
Redgrave Black V-Neck sweater
Nightshade 'Obscurities' black pants
Blitzed 'Brutal' cuffs

on juana:
devil dress by queenqueen
rosenkavalier hat by rozoregalia
yanzi wave hair by drl
clockwork skin by nomine
carpe noctem boots and apneatic embrace stockings by nightshade designs
magnolia bracelet and necklace set by loulou
fascinator hat by raven pennyfeather/nonna hedges

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