Saturday, August 1, 2009

doomed love (mexigoth mismash)

  so, i have been quite insane for the past few days, working on an article for a sl fashion magazine. i could totally get into the OCD but i won't. needless to say in the course of obsessing, i have decided i love this outfit.

a friend of mine told me that "it looked gothic but not gothic, that it looked just like me, and that i was able to carry myself over into the avatar" (a paraphrase). i thought this was a compliment, and so that is why i am recording it here.

the uber-juana mexi-goth doomed outfit consists of:

cenobite outfit by falln
alice hair by deviant kitties
cruelty skin by cutea benelli (part of cruelty set)
nose piercing by avz
los muertos sugar skull attachments by i love 13
cenobite's claws by tekeli'li
mayan dream tattoos tinted red by garden of ku
black widow boots by nighshade designs
creepy eyes white by negriposi
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