Thursday, June 4, 2009

i heart lionskins........

i adore LionSkins. i love them so much i went and bought two of the new dollhouse skins....i love them so, because they are so unusual and interesting, and different. when i went both times recently there was a very nice shopgirl who was very attentive.

and then i was fiddling around and found a store i liked very much, called "modern gypsy." what a binge i had. and so i have been messing with my new acquisitions for the past few days.

i just moved and so i am still really scatterbrained. but obviously obsessed enough to still be messing around with it even though i am dead tired and really really ought to be unpacking everything......................

starlet juana wears:

dollhouse 14 by LionSkins
statement jewelry pride gold earrings and necklace & heart of gold outfit by modern gypsy
kyoto boots by armidi
orient indian wedding saree bracelets
sugar skulls and roses tattoos top and bottom by otaku
antie eyes silent brown by artilleri (they were free)

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