Tuesday, June 9, 2009

grande horizontale

i am so into steampunk stuff again today. i want to go to an abney park concert next month........apparently they will be in dallas. and so i am all in a tizzy, what in the world should i wear? troy says no he won't go. so i will just have to be alone.

i already ordered these cool boots: http://www.goodgoth.com/whimsey.gif and am in a bit of a happy tizzy. i have a wickedly fierce corset, so no worries there.....and am amusing myself looking at images of grandes horizontales and actresses...i love la belle otero. its interesting too, a totally different clothes language. in the SCA it was always the period police and looking a certain way, it amuses me to be looking at this other style, and how different it is, sort of the opposite. ive never worn a bustle either....hoops yes, bustles no.

i already thought how fun it might be to replicate one of my favorite skins' make up.....

its cool too in second life you can try things on, before you even bother in real life....i was messing with what i would wear on my poor guinea pig av. and then i ended up at grim bros and totally bought the black version of the wireweb dress that i love so much....

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