Friday, June 5, 2009

black and blue ballerina.....

i love lionskins. and they are having a contest too. when you go to their place they have a photo thingy set up because that is part of the rules--you have to use THEIR photo thingy.

i have never used a photo thingy and so i have been going there and playing in it. now i understand why people get so freaking excited about it. being stupid i have no clue how this thing works, every time i go there it's different and i have pushed all the buttons.

its sort of fun though.

i had a massive binge in lionskins and in modern gypsy too. this is another modern gypsy dress i found that i liked. black and blue go together so well it seems.

even though i don't wear the most recent things i suppose i can be forgiven in this one respect. its also so fun when you finally find a dress that you can wear with the invariably weird and hard to match pieces that occasionally crop up. these gloves are from a bizarre and ugly outfit but i have been wanting to wear them for ages......

and i love love love tattoos, and i really love these, from otaku designs......and the hair makes me scream. i mean, being a librarian you'd think i would have a sort of affinity for buns but i swear i hate them normally, but this one is so towering and wobbly and just so generally goofy looking that i thought i had to have it just for the irony factor.

black and blue ballerina juana wears:

Pers bracers by Deviant Kitties
Dollhouse 25 skin by LionSkins
tripleicecream hair by BP
gloves from dragonfly set by i don't know who
sugar skull necklace by kunstkammer
caged bird crown by silent sparrow
blue bird of happiness earrings by i don't know
akemi posture collar, fetish stockings, and arm belts by gauze
zydratic complication eyes by tacky star
hair rose pink by gfield
sugar skull and roses tattoos by otaku designs
dancer dress by modern gypsy
boots with platform addons by sinistyle
skull nose ring by avz

in the lionskins store messing with their photo thingy......

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