Sunday, June 21, 2009

unintended explorer

necessity is the mother of invention? or perhaps exploration? i don't know. but today while shopping i found myself marooned on the dirty lynx sim and while there, unable to teleport, i decided to make the best of it and explore.

there were a few places that amused me some. a scary hobo place....but a little further on i noticed the gleaming of something, and upon closer inspection realized it was a large steampunk submarine, just casually laying out on the ground.

i had no idea what it was meant to be, but i had to explore.

i used to love reading jules verne as a younger person, and although i have forgotten most of it, the flavor of the adventures that i had read about--and this seemed so wonderfully made, and textured. it had such a gilded age ambiance to it--heavy wood and glistening metal.

i was only trapped here a relatively short time....but i expect i might return, if only to visit.

sailor juana wears:

trophy skull hat, paper doll dress set, emo bird boots by i love 13
niela coffee hair by philotic energy
beads and willow smokey skin by eat rice!
coffee skull bangles by grim bros
red planet earrings by spica
cinema shirt purple rotten toe
purple striped stockings by katatonik
zydratic complication eyes by tacky star

in an abandoned steampunk submarine, somewhere in the dirty lynx sim.

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