Saturday, June 6, 2009

ms. macbeth

will wonders never cease? i finally roused myself to try using youtube...i didn't realize it had annotations. hahahahaha. so you can have SL fashion popup videos if you want....what a hilarious concept. i was laughing the entire time.

if anybody else wants to comment, they apparently can.

ok back to being serious. several people have visited this place, and so i had to do it too....mas modern gypsy yumminess............

ms. juana macbeth wears:

garden collection rose dress by modern gypsy
katkota hair by catwa
hair rose wine by gfield
akemi arm bands and posture collar by gauze
dollhouse 25 skin by lionskins
star tiara by elvehjem
incarnadine gloves by ookami ningen
blood bead earrings by spica
kunstkammer sugar skull necklace
sugar skulls and roses tattoo by otaku designs
candy heart tattoo by miasnow
liah boots crimson by lyra muse
skull nose ring by avz
sacrificial knife by gruff grutt

in the macbeth sim
listening to tool--schism (lustmord remix)

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