Thursday, January 29, 2009

the EGL glam girl

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Heavens! it is amazing what happens when you are just busy being a librarian. i was standing at the second life librarian reference desk when one of my acquaintances arrived in the most splendid outfit........i had to find out what it was and where it was from, and she spoke the three words that have now become so powerful as to put me under a spell.....The Black Canary. When i visited it amused me much because while i was binging i was given a cup of tea and company by the sweet salesgirl.

Of course i don't take things straight up and so i added a collar and cuffs from different places, and a cigarette holder too. I wore this to Troy's second fundraising party, because his house just screamed out for it. And it amuses me to as this is probably one of my more librarianish gowns.

the stats for miss juana:

hair rose: GF suede Black rose hairpin
TBC Lady Marra
collar: Crimson Shadows White Shadow collar
cuffs: Ookami Ningen Remains of the Night cuffs
hair: Magika Lucy
necklace: Tekel'li Immaculate heart
skin: Nomine ultralight vamp blood red
cigarette holder: Mika elegant animated cigarette holder
shoes: bax boots

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