Wednesday, January 21, 2009

hungover at troy's

hungover at troy's
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i went to troy's party on monday at odaesan house. it is an amazing place. it seems to scream for a formal so i wore a nicky ree gown. grady was there, and wearing a magnificent dracula style tuxedo from schadenfreude (i think). troy wore a suit with winklepickers and emoish hair, very nice. i didnt know anybody else.

i have decided that geisha ish things are my mania right now so i wore a february kanzashi (plum blossom) even though it's still january because it matched my dress. i have this cigarette mania too, even though i don't smoke.

but then the next day troy came by and we were gossiping and we were giggling about having a little skit about being hungover the next day. he made me laugh hysterically at the IM dramah happening behind the scenes. this is why i don't IM hosts because i know it must be nuts for them.

miss juana desmond is ready for her closeup now:

skin: lessthan3 kyla cries pale
hair: mia wild woman hair
gown: DNR nicky ree Ms Doodles gown N Dress Chocolate
shoes: Shiny Things Skyliner shoes black
sunglasses: Tesla Solaris
cigarette: Primitive Design
bracelets: Tekel'li Malice

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