Saturday, January 17, 2009

the fashion olympics; or what i wore to grady and momo's party

i had originally posted this in december, because following my custom, i'd never worn it "out" and kept this as a reminder, because after a week one forgets what an outfit looks like when it's just a list in inventory.

it is an amusing fact, that for grady and momo's party, which ranks as the SL fashion olympics, while everyone fretted over their outfits, and even i went on a massive binge, what i ended up wearing was this outfit. i found a set of plaid fans to go with it, which was pretty cool.

i adore goth loli, and count myself as one of its most devoted adherents, and wa-loli as well. this seemed to be a mix of it. i also wore it for sentimental reasons.

it was a spectacular party, with many luminaries in attendance. Of the people i remember there were:
Lucifer & Io, incognito,Rev & Munch,IsaDaft, Cristiano,Gabe, Zorena & Lance, Kavik, Tya, Envoy, Willow,Fmeh, Dancien and Spooky, Ash, Arilynn,Vertigo,Beezle & Titter, Rev, Affinity, Beebo, Lum, Moo, Troy, Vares, Willow, Aki, Aisuru, Ramonna......tons more but they all elude me at the moment.

The chief ornaments i thought of course were the two birthday girls. Grady wore her outfit from the Hello Avatar post, a killer blend of the Brood outfit, with bax boots and wilted wednesday collar. Momo wore a net top with a bra under, a flounced asymmetrical skirt, combat boots, bracers, with black hair and her fairy ears.

Isa was distinguished by the beauty and brevity of her costume. Monna too stood out in my memory because she appeared blonde and in pink, which suits her well although it is not her usual look, actually. She danced skyclad later, with her flowing hair and tattoos reminding me very much of a druidess. of the men Envoy appeared in the most extraordinary outfit in my estimation, in a sort of liberace in a space opera outfit. it is late and I will try to describe it but it is hard because it had an amazing level of detail. He wore a long figured gold cloak, with a long collar, sort of winglike. There were gyroscopes (I think) arranged around him. Vertigo also impressed me because her avatar was anime-like, and tiny, in purples.

liner notes:

miss chrysanthemum juana is wearing:

wa-loli kimono, fur collar, & obi: Sweetaholic
skin: Eat Rice Willow
hair: Zero Style, Tita
armlet: Grim Bros
maple kanzashi: JetDoll
rose hairpin: GF rose hairpin red
leg ornaments: Ronjas Golden Snake Leg Silks
stockings: K*S from white polkadot dress
boots: SiniStyle Deception boots plus platform add ons
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