Sunday, January 11, 2009

grungy punky video

I thought it might be funny to take videos instead, since i can't take pictures for bok. and so i went and made myself look sort of silly. :)

maybe i will just do this instead, it is sort of fun, actually.

these is one of those outfits where it literally comes from everywhere. :)


miss grungy punky juana love is wearing:

skin: Nomine female ultralight vamp blood red
hair: Spelunker tr_hd01k_so longtail
hairbow: Nonko Hakama set
ring: Nonko youru lingo ring
nose ring: AVZ skull nosering set
necklace: Dark Eden Midnight Oshun set
earrings: Spica Suicide earrings
armlet: Sweetaholic Arm belt
bone armlet: Grim Bros. Jolly Roger
armwarmers: susie Punk Jacket mono sleeves
jacket: Katatonik pink space cake hoodie
hair rose: GF Rose Hairpin Suede wine
belt: Needful Things Cargo Pants belt
pants and leggings: Snatch Voodoo Lolli
socks: EtchD Roughed up socks
legwarmers: Primitive Design wired legwarmers (black red)
boots: susie Goth/Punk Odeko Boots

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