Thursday, January 15, 2009

poor mermaid

poor mermaid
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i'ld been on a binge looking for clothes to wear for grady and momo's party. while searching like mad, i found this impressively detailed japanese mermaid outfit. my conception of mermaids has always been a bit dark, reinforced by the scene in onmiyoji where lady aone eats mermaid flesh to remain young forever--and the bone dress graphite version, which i have struggled with, seemed to fit really well with it. and so this is my favorite outfit now.

i went to the whale basin at alpha auer's sim, syncretia, and made my poor little avatar dance underwater.

Mermaid costume and AO and dance by Kami-Hitoe, custom skin by Nomine, nosering by AVZ, black rose ring from GF, skirt, tophat, and chest attachment from Graphite Bone dress by Cutea Benelli.

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