Saturday, January 3, 2009

gothic fun

my adventure exploring in crimson shadows today ended up with me in the erm, servants' quarters?

it's actually like a gigantic gothic superstore, with lovely outfits and things like that. and really creepy and churchlike, so goth it makes your teeth hurt.

and rivers of blood, mighty tempting for a vampire, or immortal-type.
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and i have never been back here.

um.......such cheerful motivational inscriptions.

like a heathen i came here because i thought it would be a nice place to wear the new Brood outfit from KC Fashions, that i saw on Achariya's blog and uncontrollably salivated and obsessed till i had to come in-world and buy it.

i posted these too on the show your style thread, which is a trifle for everyone but for me a very scary thing to do. i don't know if i have totally crashed the car, but nobody bit my head off so i suppose it's alright.
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miss vampy juana is wearing:

skin: Whispers of Night Deathly F Lost Gloom Stalker
hair: Fluff by JetDoll
bracelet, necklace, rings, and hair rose: all from GF-- Wild Rose Choker set, Rose hairpin suede (wine), Rose Lace Gloves set red & black (red ring)
nose piercing: AVZ Skull Nose Piercing
armlet: Sweetaholic Belt Upper Arm (from Koukou set)
jacket, skirt, pants: Brood outfit by KC Fashions
boots: Armidi Gisaci Kyoto Boot Black/Black
badass obsidian dagger & sheath: Cortech Obsidian Dagger 3.0
hummingbird emitter: Kolibri Emitter 4 Gruen (unknown)
pose: Body Language by SLC Haruka Modeling Poses set.
tattoo: Mia Snow CANDYbleedingHEARTtat

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